New Hub 2nd home

Adding Hub to vacation home. Should I use different email and account or under my current email and account? Will I be able to see things in APP by selecting hub or all mixed up? What about webCore pistons all together or will I see them separated? What about DH ?

If it were mine, Same account new location. You will switch locations you’re actively viewing under the hamburger menu (top left) So you can work with your home, or switch to the vacation home.

FYI - new Alexa / Google skills do pump all the devices form all locations into your Alexa or Google account (you can’t filter them yet) so keep that in mind when naming your rooms / devices.


Adding my 2 cents. I agree. I have this setup now. One account. If you use Actiontiles you need two licenses but can mix locations on a single panel.

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Choice is good. :sunglasses:

Personally, I would go the other way with a separate account for each home because of the issues with third-party services, including smart speakers.

There are pluses and minuses to both approaches so I think it’s just a matter of what fits the specific desired use cases best.


I think it depends how you want to work with the vacation home. Personally I’d go for a completely separate account for it as you still have the option of adding your existing account to the location as a member.


Well I don’t want to pay for Amazon Prime twice (music …), But I have friends and family staying there sometimes. I don’t want them to turn on lights, move shades … in my house in NY. And if I started new HUB account how do I run 2 Smartthings APP on my IPhone. It seems Alexa is really the problem

You can’t run two copies of the smartthings app on one phone. You would have to sign out and sign in again with the other ID. But the other convenience option would be to use one of the dashboard apps, such as the free tier for sharptools. Since it runs in a browser, you can have it bookmarked for one account on the same phone that you have the smartthings app set up for the other ID. :sunglasses:

The following recent thread is a good discussion of dashboard options. Although the OP was looking for something for a wall panel, since these run in a browser, it’s the same thing for use on a phone.

FAQ: Sharptools , actiontiles or native ST app for your wall panel? (2020)


@TonyMast I’ve been reading a lot of the posts around multiple Alexa locations and I think the answer is switching to an actual enterprise grade Amazon account that allows provisioning of devices at scale. I’m currently looking into this as well and welcome any/all input and experiences with Alexa for Hospitality.

From what I can see so far this should allow far better control of Echo devices across multiple locations, while ensuring devices from one room or building are firewalled off from devices in another.

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