Smart Things Find web site not showing registered phone

Hello, first post and hope this is in the right place.

I have three products/devices that are registered devices but when I go to the Smart things Find web site it’s only show my Buds2 Pro. I would like to be able to find my phone if I actually need too using the Smart Things find. My TV is the third thing and obviously I don’t care if or it even can be on the Smart Things find site.

I’ve unregistered the phone and re-registered it and that didn’t help.

I can find the phone through the Google find device thing they have so I’m sure the permissions are correct on it and discoverable.

I’ve talked to Samsung Support via text and they also re-registered the device to no avail.

Any suggestions are more than welcome, thanks!

Smartthings find website?
Never heard of. What did I miss?

The Samsung Find My Mobile website got rebranded to SmartThings Find quite some time ago, around about the time that guardian access (which allowed you to be granted access to other users’ devices) was withdrawn from it.

The URL is referenced by the Find My Mobile settings on Galaxy devices.

It is also referenced by the SmartThings Find app when you click on a phone and ask for ‘More’.


It’s in no way equivalent to using the Find app. It only gives you access to your own Galaxy phone and SmartTags. I don’t know about other things like buds but if it does show those it will again be just your own.

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The SmartThings Find website is a rebranding of, and development from, the old Find My Mobile website; Find My Mobile being Samsung’s analogue of Google’s Find My Device for Galaxy devices.

Having the phone displayed on the web site really should just be a matter of enabling Find My Mobile in the phone settings.

This is what I am talking about.

I would like to see my phone listed there as well obviously in case I lose it I can find where it may be. If I lose an Buds2 I can easily find them.

How do I enable Find My Mobile in the settings? The only thing I can find is Find My Device in Google. Like I said previously, the phone should be discoverable, I’ve made sure Smart Things has the correct permissions.

I’m at a loss. This shouldn’t be that difficult.

Thanks again for your assistance!

EDIT: Got it. I had to go into my Samsung Account under devices then sign out of my phone and once I signed back in again the phone now shows up with the Buds2 on the SmartThings Find site.

Apparently SmartThings didn’t recognize that the phone was signed in and signing out and back in it then saw it. Who knows?

Anyway. Thanks. Never heard of the site.
I can see my buds. On the last place where they were opened.
I live in different locations.
On the website I see all my tags But in the android app I only see the tags that are connectied to the location where I am now.
If I want to see the other tags I have to go to Smarttings app and the location where I “stocked” my other tags.
Alle the other hardware I can see in the find app.