Smart things and daikin split system

Hi, I am looking for a way to integrate my split system into the smart thing environment. I don’t have a thermostat but control all units in different rooms with an ir remote control. What is the best way to integrate ?

I had a similar situation when I was living in Guam and my solution was to use a Spark photon connected to an IR transmitter integrated with ST. It worked great.except there was no ability to get state. Not a huge deal, but if you are trying to turn it on before you get home for example you cannot be sure it actually turned on which kinda stinks. Overall it was pretty reliable though. There are several posts about using the photon with ST and if you decide to go this route I can probably dig up my old code to help you out. Good luck!

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Search through this forum for posts about the remotec zxt-120. It’s a Z-wave to IR extender that has a library of a/c IR codes, and there’s a community-developed device type for it so it can integrate with ST. You’d need one for each mini-split and they usually go for $60-70 bucks so certainly not as cheap as making your own IR extender, but it’s an off the shelf solution.


thank you for the replies, sorry for delay, was out of country for 2 weeks. How can one make a custom IR extender? that would be photon?
is this the correct device?
for zxt-120, there are no other zwave or zigbee integrated transmitters? I see bunch of them on amazon for wifi

I’ve seen one by zipato that looks like a clone of the remotec device. No idea if it would work with the device handler written for the zxt-120.

Yea that’s the device I used. Just need that and a IR transmitter which is a couple of bucks. There’s some guides on how to get the photon set up with SmartThings and I can share the code I used it you decide to go that route. There’s other guides on how to wireup the it led etc online. I can see if I can find them if your interested. It’s not the simplest solution to set up but it worked for me. :slight_smile: Good luck!

it definetly sounds intresting, given that i have 4 heads, buying 4 zxt-120 could be an expensive enterprise. I wish there was something like this but cheaper or extendable.

Please do link me on how to integrate the photon
i might get one of the zxt to see how it integrates, I definetly would like to get the feedback from the units if possible

There’s another company out there that makes something similar as well as the one you linked. I remember checking it out. Ultimately though it’s really just the same as using a photon and ir solution but a whole lot prettier and more expensive. I’m currently traveling but will find that links when I get home tonight or tomorrow.

thank you very much! appreciate your help!

Anyone try connecting a standard thermostat and using a mini-split adapter from this site?

It would be great to be able to use a standard thermostat. But $150 seems pricey - esp as they don’t look like they’re UL listed or anything. I don’t see any other options (for connecting a standard wired thermostat).

There’s also the Daiken ENVi - which I think is an Ecobee with some kind of adapter module. These are over $300. But I’d love to hear people’s experience with this as well.

Ok~sorry I took so long. Here is some example code to work from. First is a very simple device handler for your photon. Basically it just sends the commands you want to the photon which then runs it’s code. The example simply has on and off but you could easily expand it to do much more.


preferences {
input(“deviceId”, “text”, title: “Device ID”)
input(“token”, “text”, title: “Access Token”)

// for the UI
metadata {
// Automatically generated. Make future change here.
definition (name: “Spark Core”, author: "") {
capability “Switch”

// tile definitions

tiles {
standardTile(“switch”, “device.switch”, width: 2, height: 2, canChangeIcon: true) {
state “on”, label: ‘${name}’, action: “”, icon: “st.switches.switch.on”, backgroundColor: "#79b821"
state “off”, label: ‘${name}’, action: “switch.on”, icon: “”, backgroundColor: “#ffffff
main "switch"
details “switch”

def parse(String description) {
log.error "This device does not support incoming events"
return null

def on() {
uri: “${deviceId}/on”,
body: [access_token: token, command: on],
) {response -> log.debug (}

def off() {
sendEvent(name: “switch”, value: “off”)
uri: “${deviceId}/off”,
body: [access_token: token, command: off],
) {response -> log.debug (}


private put(led) {
//Spark Core API Call
uri: “${deviceId}/led”,
body: [access_token: token, command: led],
) {response -> log.debug (}
sendEvent(name: “switch”, value: “on”)

Then in the photon IDE I had the following code that actually sent the IR commands to the AC unit. The hardest part of this was learning the IR commands. Ideally you can find them online somewhere but if not you will need to learn them from the remote control which is a bit of a pain.

// This #include statement was automatically added by the Spark IDE.
#include “IRremote.h”

int on(String args);
int off(String args);

IRsend irsend(D3); // hardwired to pin 3; use a transistor to drive the IR LED for maximal range

// Use the raw code you recorded from your device, in this example the length of the code is 37
unsigned int on23[] = {3000,1650,500,1100,550,1000,500,350,500,350,600,200,550,1000,600,250,550,350,550,1050,500,1000,500,350,550,1000,550,300,600,300,600,950,550,1000,550,200,700,900,600,1000,550,200,650,350,600,950,500,300,600,300,600,950,600,250,550,350,500,250,700,250,600,200,600,300,650,250,650,200,600,300,550,300,550,300,600,300,550,300,550,250,600,350,500,350,550,300,600,950,600,250,600,300,550,950,600,350,500,350,550,1000,550,1000,550,300,550,250,650,250,550,200,650,350,600,250,600,250,600,300,650,250,600,950,550,300,550,300,550,350,500,400,500,1050,500,300,600,950,550,300,600,300,550,300,550,350,550,300,550,300,550,350,600,200,650,150,700,200,650,300,550,350,500,300,600,300,600,250,550,350,550,300,600,250,550,300,600,200,650,350,550,300,650,150,650,300,550,300,550,250,600,250,600,150,650,400,500,300,550,300,600,250,700,200,550,350,550,300,600,250,600,300,550,950,550,350,550,350,550,950,550,350,500,350,500,1000,600,300,550};
unsigned int offOff[] = {3100,1700,500,1000,550,1000,550,350,500,350,500,350,500,1050,500,350,550,350,500,1000,550,1000,550,350,500,1050,500,350,500,350,500,1050,500,1050,500,350,500,1050,500,1050,500,350,550,300,550,1000,550,350,500,350,500,1050,500,350,500,350,550,350,500,350,500,350,500,350,500,400,500,350,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,350,500,350,500,350,500,350,550,350,500,350,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,1000,550,350,500,350,500,1050,500,1050,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,350,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,350,500,350,500,1050,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,350,500,1050,500,350,500,1050,500,350,500,350,550,350,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,350,500,350,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,350,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,350,500,350,500,350,500,350,550,350,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,350,500,350,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,350,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,350,500,350,500,350,500,350,550,350,500,1050,500,350,500,1050,500,350,500,350,550,300,550,1000,550,350,500};

void setup()
Spark.function(“on”, on);
Spark.function(“off”, off);

int on(String args)
int rawSize = sizeof(on23)/sizeof(int); // In this example, rawSize would evaluate to 37
for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
irsend.sendRaw(on23, rawSize, 38);
return 1;

int off(String args)
int rawSize = sizeof(offOff)/sizeof(int); // In this example, rawSize would evaluate to 37
irsend.sendRaw(offOff, rawSize, 38);
return 1;

I’ve also been looking for a good solution for my daikin split, and recently came across a few products… I haven’t tried any of them, but figured I would post some links:

Flair ("…comming soon / 2017")
Product page:
Smartthings post: What the Puck: Flair Smart Vents, Wireless Thermostats Available for Preorders

Flair forum post:

Also, (…and probably MORE USEFUL / Expensive) It appears that the Diakin Envi thermostat is a re-branded Ecobee EMS, which has an open API. At some point I’m sure some smart person will figure out how to make the Ecobee ST app work with the Envi thermostat…

Thank you very much !, I didnt get a chance to get the parts yet, will update the thread once i make some progress

The Daikin ENVI which is an ecobee si integrated seamlessly. The unit is way overpriced tho.

I’ve stumbled here because I have a handful of Daikin units and I want them integrated with my ST platform. I’ve managed to install Internet-capable (wifi) controllers that allow me to use the free Daikin Comfort Control and Out-Of-Home system to run these things. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to integrate this with ST - all roads lead to the IFTTT channel and, unfortunately, that seems to be broken and I’ve been trying for months to get a hold of IFTTT and Daikin for support, but neither reply in any way.

This unit works ok. The Daikin UI is absolutely terrible buuuuuut “technically it works.”

Any help figuring out how to get Daikin to talk with ST, preferably without a cloud-middleman like IFTTT, would be awesome!

I ended up buying their thermostat which is made by Ecobee so it integrates but it was like $400!!!

Paybax, Do you have a link to the thermostat that works with the ecobee?

No I had to get it through an installer and it was like $400 LOL. Its called Daikin ENVi and the only smart thermostat that’s compatible. The Ecobee App doesn’t work for it but the web interface does. Happy with it 1 Year later but removed the integration from ST. Does everything we need with it’s built in scheduling.

Hi Everyone, I created a device handler for the optional Daikin “WiFi Module” (e.g the BRP072A42) that is compatible with a lot of their Split System units.

Have a look here:


Hi folks

I am not new to smartthings but I am new to this device handler. I followed the instructions but when i look at the thermostat device in the phone app it has “items” displayed but they are all grayed out. I looked in the events log and didn’t see any listed.

I am hoping that I missed something simple or stupid on my part.

Help please