LG mini Split control

would be good if we have ability to integrate split AC/Heat systems with smartthings.
One project i found inetresting was AmbiClimate. They have a kickstarter campaign going on and would be nice if we can integrate that into smartthings.

They claim to work with all kinds of split ac systems and work on WiFi.
would be nice to be able integrate that or someone come up with zwave/zigbee sensors that can be integrated into smartthings realm.


Check out Tado. I backed that on KS a few months ago to do exactly what you describe. They pledged to have ST integration when they reached a number of stretch goals.

@ben Do you know if any active work is taking place with Tado and ST?

I believe i had glanced at it but at that time i did not have Mini Splits.
i just ordered Mini Splits as my central AC gave out and i had issues with zoning anyway so i am going with split unit with multiple zones.
Now with split i will ran into this control issue and i started to look for options and i found Ambi climate.
Tado is taking pre-orders at $150 and i can get two Ambi for $170 early next year. i think i can wait for a few months. And if we are lucky smartthings will entice somebody to have some kind of sensor integrated in the environment similar to Tado/Ambi.
Thanks anyway for another option for future.