Smartthings with Mini Split Recommendations

Hi Folks,

I have been doing quite of bit of reading on Smartthings and AC Mini Split control. I have a couple Gree Mini Splits that i use a Broadcom Mini right now to control, but it appears Smartthings and Broadcom is not integrated, i am also controlling my electric fireplace with the Broadcom. It doesn’t appear to be a good answer on this or a top choice. My goal is to control the three devices through Smartthings. Here is what I have found and am considering, in no particular order.
-Ambi Climate

Does anyone have some real world experience? A top choice? Something different I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance!


I think the only one on that list with official SmartThings integration is Sensibo.

Thanks prjct92eh2. And that could be the deciding factor. They are a little pricey, but if it does what its supposed to then i am ok with that.