Smart things ADT push notifications

I just bought a Smart things ADT hub with all the ADT sensors (not a Pulse system). I got all the sensors linked to the system and working but am hitting 2 issues.
1.) When I arm the system, the smart things app does not reflect that the system is armed. It constantly says the “system ready to arm”, even when it is already armed. The system itself is indeed armed, it trips and alarms as it should. I’ve looked in both the new and classic smartthings app and both show it as only "system ready to arm "

2.) When the system is triggered, I’m not getting push notifications sent to my phone. I turned on push notifications in the “automation” section of the new app.

Getting frustrated and may return this thing. Too many menus to navigate. Yet another thing that Samsung has created a very confusing system around.

For #2 did you put in the correct phone number? I messed up and put in the wrong number and wasn’t getting the push notifications but started to get them when I put in the correct number.

For #1 I have no idea. I bought the ADT Home Security kit and used the ADT sensors and everything works fine as far as arming.

The push notifications should be separate from the texts to the phone number. Anyone with the smart things app should be getting the push notifications and they aren’t either.

I know that they are different. I don’t text (virtually) at all. I’m getting push notifications not text. How are those notification going to be sent to the phone without a phone number?

Do they not not push thru the app itself? If not, only one person (who’s number is inputted) would be notified? I want everyone with the app in the family to know.
For instance when my water sensors trigger, I have it set so the app alerts me and I get a text.

Yes, the push notification is pushed through the app, but the app still needs that field’s phone number to be filled out. Without it filled out or if it’s incorrect, the push can’t happen.

As for others getting the push, that’s a great question. I just switched over from IRIS a couple of weeks ago and have only myself. I have not invited my wife yet. I’m assuming that once I add my wife, I’ll be able to put her number in as well, hopefully. That’s exactly how IRIS worked, I had to invite her and she received the push notifications as well through the app, or in IRIS’s case through the web interface.

That would be a major disappointment if only one person can receive the push notifications. I highly doubt that’s the case. Try adding others and see what your options are then.

Did you ever get this fixed? My ADT hub is doing the same thing. The Smartthings (New) app will not read alarm status, or arm or disarm. SMS notifications no longer work.

I have both a regular hub, and the ADT hub as well.

Nope. I quickly returned the system and never got an email back from Samsung til about 3 months later. Terrible customer support. I sold my original Smartthings Hub, sensors and plugs as I vowed to never get another Samsung product after. Nothing but junk they don’t support.

I just received a notification today that my Iris water sensor battery is low. I received an alarm alert recently and another alert of which I can’t remember. When I start my (new) app, I see the status but do not use it to set the alarm or turn it off, so I can’t confirm that functionality.

That said, I did have a problem with the ADT side a while ago where the alarm status wasn’t working. I fixed it by deleting the hub and starting over. It’s a horrible solution but it worked. Later on I found out using the utilities (Reboot, disconnect, etc.), don’t remember which one might work. I also think I tried a simple Edit/Update and believe that works. This might work to fix something that is stuck.