ADT Security Hub AWAY/STAY/DISARM push notifications

I’ve been looking for a solution every where. I searched the forums, I’ve contacted support and I can’t find a solution. I currently have the ADT Security Hub, and I can’t find a way for there to be push notifications when someone ARMS or DISARMS the system. I see that there can be push notifications when an alarm is tripped, but currently the only way for me to actually see if the system is armed or disarmed is to go into the app.

When I go into the smart things app, I only see the “Home Security” card, I tried looking for the Smart Home Monitor, but it doesn’t show up like it does for other users. One user said that “When you get the ADT security, it hides the SHM”

Support said that there may be a DIY way, and to ask the forums. So, here I am to see if someone had found a way.

Just to clarify, I’m not asking for the current state of the system. I’m only looking for a push notification on my phone to tell me if someone armed or disarmed the system.

Thank you

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SmartThings has not documented / published the API for ADT Security Hub.

However, some research has indicated that it claims a brand new Capability “Security Hub”. If this is the case, then any SmartApp (custom, or WebCoRE, or ActionTiles, SmartRules, etc.) can subscribe to the Attributes … including a change in arm/disarm status.

In other words: This is worth exploring - but it would be an unofficial hack, even if it works.

webCoRE can do it:

(You can add your ADT Panel to webCoRE in the “Battery powered items” section).


There may be a simpler way. You can simply create a routine in smartthings that send a push notification on alarm state change. I have had this setup for a while so I know when the alarm goes to a disarmed status. You would need to create a routine for each state you want to know about but it is something.


Worked great for the time I had it setup. I had to do a factory reset and haven’t put it back in.

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Yes - that seems to work (I just set up one such routine). However, it requires to set up three different routines for the three possible alarm states…

Edit — minor issue with this approach: I received two push notifications for a single event :roll_eyes:

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This works! thank you so much

That might be be caused by the way you switched betweened armed states. If you change from Armed Stay to Armed Away you get the 60 second delay . You could possibbly fix this with a value to delay the routine for 1 or 2 min. Just a thought.

I changed from off to armed away and got two notifications at the same time.

Is it possible for you to check and see if you have your two armed notifications set with the same trigger.

I think I may have figured out how to write a simple smart app to do this as well. I was just playing with the Arlopilot code and got the SHM integration to recognize the ADT alarm state change. That could be a decent step to figuring out how to create some automated notifications from it. If i decide to try to write something i will let this thread know.

I have managed to create a smart app to do these notifications. That way you don’t need 3 different automations for it. I have some very quick testing and it seems to work. The code isn’t a pretty as i would like, but hey it works.

You can go to ADT Alarm status Notifier to get it if you like

Make sure you setup Messages for the 3 states and that you sleect weather you want to recieve push notifications or not.


@Mavrrick58, Thanks for the ADT Alarm status notifier app. It’s working great for me.

I’m a SmartThings newbie, having started with the ADT hub a few weeks ago. I’m quite pleased with it so far. I’m self-monitoring, and I’ve been able to get it to do just about everything I want… Except for this: I’d like to be able to trigger a siren (the built in one in the hub isn’t that impressive) and flash a light when an alarm is triggered. Any ideas on this?

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To do much more then what I already did will unfortunately mean a bit of digging into things that aren’t really documented. I did find a way to pull more information from the alarm but it is relatively useless as it appears the events don’t use standard text, but a guid that is related to your sensor that set off the alarm. I will let you know if I decide on to dig into this further.

The real question could be would it make sense to just trigger the siren no matter what sensor goes off. Then you wouldn’t care about what GUID shows up, just that a event happened and then set off the alarm. But depending on the kind of sensors you have this could be a problem. I will think about it some more. Would that be something you might be interested in?

@mylikan so i have done a little bit more digging and found that the GUID is actually linked to the device in the the IDE. So It should be possible to write something to allow you to create a list of monitored contact sensors and then add use that to trigger the siren to go off once the alarm event is triggered. Once the alarm is cleared it could also be setup to turn off the siren. I just need to see if i can figure out how to do it.

One thing to consider with something like this though is that it would be totally cloud based. I am not sure if that is the best place for something like this to reside.

Thanks for looking into this. You’re right that cloud based is not ideal, but I also don’t know of any other options. As far as security goes, I probably have it more than covered with what I already have. I just want to be able to do more.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on working with the ADT hub, which is a shame. With entry and exit delay, a keypad for guests/kids to disarm without Smartthings app, and the ability to add monitoring if I ever want it, it gets close to the sweet spot. On the downside, some of the options that are available with SHM don’t seem to be there. I’m hoping the community will figure out how to fill in the gaps–but I can also appreciate that a lot of the SmartThings veterans aren’t interested in buying a new hub and sensors. I was thrilled when I found your alarm status notifier app.

That’s my long way of saying I’m interested in any way to use the alarm status and my sensors to trigger other actions.

@mylikan Well I may have figured it out, but i need some folks to test it. I don’t have a siren so i was just able to test with a simulated one in Smartthings. Let me know how it goes. I have updated my repository so you should be able to either download it from their or go to the URL above and retrieve the new code.

There is still a fair amount of work that can be done to make it more presentable, but i think the functionality is there. I have updated the app on github so you should be able to get what I worked on today. Let me know what you think

Looking at the app again I see I didn"t have an explanation for the alarm type. 1=siren only,2=strobe only,3=both. Anything else will be ignored

Because this is evolving into several different tools for ADT Panels i have created new location on github for it. and renamed it accordingly. Both are updated for now but i will update this new location going forward.

You can link your IDE to the repo at Owner:Mavrrick Name:SmartThings-by-Mavrrick and the master branch to get updates directly from Git or go to ADT Tools

I made a few more changes this morning to enable multiple installs in case you wanted to have different kinds of alerts and such.


Where did you find these Properties (Attributes) documented?

def subscribeToEvents() {
        subscribe(location, "securitySystemStatus", eventHandler)
        subscribe(location, "alarm", alarmHandler)

Documented isn’t the term I would use exactly. I am just good at looking what is in front of me and finding out how it works. I was able to decipher from the IDE those were the needed subscriptions. Then tested to make sure it worked as I expected.

The first one was derived from a automation I setup from the mobile app to do the notification. No trickery there just looked at what used and tried it myself.

The second was from observations in the IDE after looking at the official ADT notification app. Again once I saw how the official app was setup I was able to use what it subscribed to to retrieve the needed info.

So for these to go away they would have to break official stuff. They could do that, but I hope not.

Honestly that was the easy part for me. I am more of a troubleshooter then a programmer.