ADT Smartthings automation not working


I have ADT Samsung Smartthings hub and I had created an automation to notify me on SMS whenever the security system is armed/Disarmed.

This automation was working fine until few days ago. Now, I can still arm/disarm but the automation to send the SMS to my phone does not work.

Has anyone experienced this issue? I really like to get the SMS notification for arm/disarm… so, is there any solution to this? Please let me know!

PS - I’ve upgraded from the Smartthings classic app to the new Smartthings app.


Can you display the automation. I don’t think they get the alarm panel status in the automation options. Are you using ADT Tools as part of this setup.

Hi @Mavrrick58,

Here is how I have setup the automation and until few days ago, this was working fine.!
And I’m not using any ADT tools for this… just simple, plain Smartthings automation.


I don’t know your location, but in Spain the new smartthings app does not send SMS. It only sends notifications to the mobile phone.

I’m having the same issue. I have an automation that would lock all my doors when the alarm was armed (using my ADT hub), but recently it stopped doing that. I can’t think of how long it hasn’t been working, but probably a week at least. It used to run perfectly. Now, if I go to create an automation, if I try to set a device status as a trigger, the ADT Hub doesn’t even show up as a device. I don’t recall getting any notification from ST that they were depreciating the features of the ADT hub, but it seems like that’s what has happened.

So…I reached out to Smartthings support and they responded that the automations based on security system armed/disarmed status is not yet supported in the new app!

So definitely a feature that is missing in the new app (compared to the Smartthings Classic app)!

Below is the response from the support person…

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused with regards to the automation in the new app. We regret to inform you that the automations based on security system(arm/disarm) are not yet supported in the new smartthings app, we are considering your concern as a feature request and I am positive that this issue will be fixed ASAP.

We also request you to update the app frequently, so that you can avail this as soon as the update is released.

Location mode does not have anything to do with the alarm status. If you want notifications when the alarm changes state the only way i know to do it is with my ADT Tools 2 app. Look yhat up and install it from the IDE. You can do it if you use the Smartthings Home Monitor app though. But you have to install that on the location before you add the ADT Smartthings Hub though.

One person did her from support they were deprecating the panel at the end of this year, but that uas yet to be confirmed.