Smart tage

is there a way to reset my smart tag if I don’t have access to the app it was linked to or the phone?

We may need more details in order to assist. What is Smart Page?

If you can’t access the app or your phone, you can try the web option at perhaps. But again, I am unsure what you mean by smart page. Hopefully others can step in and offer assistance or you can contact ST Support at or

Sorry that should’ve said smart tag instead of smart page

You can reset a Smart Tag by holding down the button when you insert the battery and keeping holding it for five seconds or so.

I don’t know if that gets you anywhere in your case. A number of people have reported they couldn’t reconnect it without removing it first, which wasn’t possible without a Samsung phone. However I have also seen it suggested it just needed the same account. The annoying thing is I did it just the other day and can’t remember what I did. I did still have the original phone available, just not with ST installed. The owner of the Smart Tag seems to be what I assume is the Samsung account, not the SmartThings account.