Smart switch without 3th wire (travvelers)

Hi guys,
in my flat I have only 2 wires in my switches (L and ground), no travellers wire.
Is there any option how to connect smart switch into this infrastructure?


A traveler wire is used between two switches that control the same lamp. It’s easy to get around that by using a “virtual three-way“ (“virtual two-way” if you are in the EU). But I suspect that’s not what you’re really asking about.

If you are in the EU, a “two wire“ versus “three wire“ light switch is one that does not have a neutral.. A neutral is required for most smart switches to power the radio. But it is not required for all.

If you’re in the EU, see the following recent thread:

FAQ: Light switch no neutral (UK) (2019)

If you’re in the US or Canada see the following:

FAQ: SmartThings-Compatible Switches that Don’t Require Neutral (US, 2019)

Thank you JDRoberts, I will g thru the article you postedd (I am in EU)
but I am glad it seems 2 wires are not an obstacle to have such home setup. I then just need to find some nice “EU style” :slight_smile: switch
Livolo seems to be nice design, but I will google if it is even compatible with ST