Replace 3 gang switch with smart switch? (uk)

Hi guys, I am new one on here and I was wondering if someone can help me with my doubts.

Basically I have a switch 3 gang 3 way.
I have 8 wires, no neutral.
Every single gang has live in and live out.
I want to replace it with a smart switch where it suppose to have 1 live in and live out, then 3 live in and 3 out for each gang.
Now, my question is: can I merge all lives and use live out for each lamp?

Thank you in advance for all answers.

I’m afraid I can’t help you specifically re the wiring issue but I can warn you that there seems to be an issue with Smarthings recognising three gang switches. The two I tried, only two of the switches were being recognised so it appears to be a thing …

Never mind the wiring issue, it may first be worthwhile finding out if you can even get a switch which will work.

Hi David and thanks for your replay.

I found easily 2 different switches, one is 3 gang 2 way but require the neutral (which I don’t have) so, I need to get it from somewhere.
The second one is 3 gang 1 way (no neutral required) which is definitely better and quick but i loose the switch on the second side.
I checked the feedback and all are saying that the switches work very well, so I believe they already tried it.

I basically sort it out my issue, the only thing is now, do I have to get the neutral from a close socket? Or is it better if I remove one switch on the second site as I don’t use ut much?

The no neutral switches don’t need a neutral wire.

Some switches can work in whast known as “detached mode” (also known as decoupled mode) meaning the relay which turns the power on or off acts as if it is wireless switch (meaning it wont be able to control the lights without being connected to a hub). Or in other words, in normal mode, all powered smart switches will still work as regular switches if they are not conected to a hub.

The advantage of switching it to detached mode is that you can then fit a wireless switch in place of your current second switch and have the wireless switch control the main switch.

I have just connected this switch (the single switch) to my system and it works fine with full functionality - single press, double press and hold.

BTW, what three gang switch have you found and where do you see it confirmed that it works with smartthings on all three switches?

BSEED Smart Light Switch,Compatible with Alexa and Google Home,3 Gang WiFi Touch Switch,2 Way or Multi-Way Control by SmartLife APP,Black Alexa Switch with LED Indicator Light-Neutral Wire Need-2pack

This is the one 2 way but it needs neutral.


CNBINGO Smart Touch Light Switch, Work with Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit Siri, WiFi Switch with LED Backlight, Black Glass Wall Plate, No Neutral Wire Required, 3 Gang, 400 W/Gang

This is the one 1 way that no needs neutral but it needs a capacitors connected to the light

Oh - U mean regular wifi switches

Posting here, I assumed you were looking for zigbee switches compatable with smarthings…


I ordered the second one, 3 gang and I will remove the second switch as I no need it, I have the neutral too, so no need the adaptor on the light, I let you know on Saturday and put some pictures


Just to confirm that it works great.

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Sorry I know this is an old thread but I’m looking for one of these. Did you get the Wi-Fi or Zigbee version? Does it work directly in ST locally?
Many thanks, Duncan


Yes I found it and I have all my house connected to Siri now, the one on the picture is working with tuya and apple siri, found them on amazon.