No neutral wire light switch? (US, 2021)

Any ideas? I need 2 wire, no neutral wire switches to add to Smartthings.

There are some options. What country are you in? The device selections do vary, particularly for in wall light switches.

Also, do you have a smartthings hub, and if so, which model?

Oh, and it is technically easier to do this with a dimmer rather than an on/off switch, so regardless of where you live you will have more choices in that category.

Thank you for getting back to me quickly.

I’m in the USA. New Jersey.ST hub info attached.

That doesn’t tell us the hub model number. :thinking: Look on the bottom, there should be a label with it. Don’t post the serial number, just the model number.

Anyway, since you do have a hub, and you’re in the US, here are a couple of choices:




3) The Qubino mini module fits inside the wall behind a regular dumb switch. It’s not as popular as the all in one models, but it is another choice.

4) Lutron Caseta Dimmers also do not require a neutral and are very well engineered. I use these in my own home. However, they do require that you also get their “SmartBridge“ in order to get smartthings integration, so they have become less popular in the community since the zwave options came out for those who have a smartthings hub except for people who also want to use them with HomeKit.

  1. There are also some zigbee devices which will work without a neutral, but most of them require more effort to get them paired and working. @johnconstantelo might have more specifics, he uses a lot of zigbee devices.