Smart Switch with no load?

I am planning an under cabinet LED strip project, using the following:
SUPERNIGHT 16.4ft 12V 5050 RGBWW Warm White LED Strip Lighting
Fibaro RGBW Micro Controller Z-wave
Muzata 6-Pack 3.3ft/1Meter 9x17mm U Shape LED Aluminum Channel System
Still deciding on the 12V power supply

I would like to use ST hub to control the time on/off/dim of the strips and also have motion detection play a role as well. My question is around having a wall switch in the mix as well for those not willing or savvy with the HA stuff. Is there a smart switch that I can use to toggle the state of the LED on/off? Such as the GE switch below? I wouldn’t have an actual load on the switch, but instead the switch would inform the ST hub and it would then use the Fibaro to change the state. First project, thanks in advance!!

Thanks for the reply, I’ll have to look into the wired switch inputs of the Fibaro, that would be ideal if that could signal a change in the lighting state. The switch shares an existing electrical box with an outlet, so I don’t think it’s an easy swap out with better switch.

No, today that switch is connected to the existing under-cabinet fluorescent lights which are going away.

Just read the Fibaro manual, I didn’t realize it was such a powerful little device, makes me think of all sorts of use cases, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
It seems that I might be able to use the existing switch as a toggle for one of the inputs causing an action. I’m still waiting for my ST hub, so not positive yet how I translate that into an action but looking forward to seeing.

The existing switch is a standard single pole switch and I assume power to the switch first, but would have to confirm. I was thinking if I try to re-use the switch I would run a new wire to the Fibara. The other, first option I thought was the use a smart switch and not actually have anything for a load, if thats even possible. Located in the US. Thanks.

Possible, yes, but given what you already have in place it seems completely unnecessary. The current switch powers under cabinet lights that you want to replace with LED lights. Using a no load switch is more for controlling a set of remote lights not already on the same switch.
Depending on exactly what wiring you have where, the Fibaro does not have to actually go into the box with the switch. It can go anywhere in the circuit you have room as long as it is connected to the proper wires.

Thanks for all the ideas and comments. I was planning to hide the Fibaro and power supply in the top of a corner appliance garage which has a roll down door, so should be tucked away nicely and there are power outlets in there. I’ll need to pull out the existing light fixtures and see how the power and wires run and decide the next steps. Will let you all know how it turns out.