GE Z-Wave Smart Outlet 14288 - Load Sense


I have GE 14288 Smart Outlet and based on the Jasco Advanced Configuration parameters I somewhat expected to be able to enable ‘load sensing’ (i.e. detecting when the local light is turned on by the physical switch) through Z-Wave Tweaker which I am able to use to change other params such as the LED behaviour.

When using Z-wave tweaker i set Param 29 to value 1 (based on JASCO info for the plug in smart outlet e.g. model 12718/45702 ) but it’s not taking. So I am guessing it’s either the wrong param or the device doesn’t support load sensing.

Can somebody confirm?

So far all my switches are GE is this is my first outlet but was hoping to stay with the same brand. It’s a freestanding light so a regular in wall switch/dimmer is not an option. I would prefer not to go to a plug in switched outlet due to esthetics.

If not possible with GE can somebody suggest an alternate Z-wave in wall smart outlet that does have load sense?