Wall switch recommendations needed

So I have a dumb switch in my kitchen to control a garbage disposal, but I can’t have a disposal so currently the other end is terminated under the sink. I want to use that location to control under cabinet lighting instead. I was going to use a set of IR/RF/WiFi LED strips. The Nexlux type that use the Magic Home app and are Alexa enabled. So I don’t plan to use the load side of the switch to power something but want to use the power for a switch to turn on the light strips.

What would yall recommend? I know the GE ones wouldn’t work. Maybe Innovelli? Or Lutron? I would like it to be zigbee or Zwave+. I have a Z2 hub. TIA.

The new Inovelli switches have an option to not trigger their internal relay. Seems perfect for what you want.

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That’s what I was thinking. I wasn’t sure if there were any other options too. Thanks.

In some applications, the Zooz Momentary Contact switch could work. But it is not a Z-wave device so has to be wired to the thing it is controlling, usually paired with micro and nano switches, I think

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I think I’m reading what you have correctly, a box with a line, neutral and ground, that you want to install a smart switch in but not hook up the load.

I have two GE on/off switches that are not hooked to any load but are used to turn on lights through automations. As long as you have line, neutral and ground I’m not sure why you think you can’t use a GE switch, unless I’m missing something from your post or the specs of the GE switches have changed since I’ve installed them.

If you have a line (power), neutral and ground available, then most Z-Wave light switches will work since they report on/off even without a load connected. We know that all Zooz switches do for sure so you wouldn’t even have to disable to the relay (but you still could). You just wouldn’t connect anything to Load and the switch would only be powered. The you’d create an automation in the Smart Lighting app for the smart cabinet lights to mirror the smart switch, this way they’ll stay in sync. A ZEN21 Zooz switch would work for that too. If you end up purchasing this model, we can guide you through the set-up in more detail.


Oldcomputerwize and TheSmartestHouse, I see what you are saying. I can just make a routine to turn on the lights I want. The GE switches I just installed control the lights they are connected to and I could routine them to do something else, but they would still turn that light or load on/off.

I was hoping there was a switch like the Innovelli Red Series that need power but don’t need a load or the internal relay could be disabled. I would like to not be turning on that side of the switch over and over with no load. I “know” it won’t do anything as long as the lines aren’t touching, but you never really know until the house burns down. So I guess any switch would work.

But if you think of another switch that can use 120v for power but the load isn’t needed or can be disabled then I’m listening.

Having power at the exposed “load” terminal isn’t any different than having power at the exposed “line” terminal. You are over thinking this. If you have the GE switches, install them and have fun building your automations. :smiley:

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Oh sure, you can disable the relay with the Zooz switches and they will still report on/off to the hub so you don’t need to go through scene control automations like with the Inovelli, it’s a bit simplified with the Zooz models. Just get in touch with us first to make sure you receive the latest firmware that supports this feature.

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