GE 12727 wiring with no load?

Im looking at adding under cabinet lighting and have purchased the following items:

GE 12727 toggle switch
Fibaro RGBW controller
extension cable for LED strips
RGBWW LED strip with power supply and remote

For ease of use, I plan on installing the new switch (not replacing a switch with the GE) to activate the Fibaro RGBW and turn the lights on (for my wife). The fibaro will be installed in an existing outlet that will power the LEDs.

Ill have to run all new wiring for the GE switch but dont know if the directions that come with it will have instructions on a “no load” wiring install.

As mentioned to me in another thread I started for this whole project, was have the “no load” switch use some app or virtual switch to “turn on” the Fibaro, thus illuminating the LEDs.

Has anyone done this and if so did you need a specific romex or did standard 14/3 work? What smart app will provide dimming and RGBW color changes? Do I need a virtual switch to tell the GE switch to talk to the Fibaro?

To reiterate, this is a new switch install, not a replacement of an existing switch. New wiring will be ran and there will be nothing wired to the load side of the GE switch.

Im new to this and dont know how to do virtual switches (if needed)but Im a quick study.

yes it works fine with no load… just wire neutral and power

and tie together the power load and any traveler wires if they are there.

search on my post about dimmer switch and just use the same device type I posted… (midified one) will work for the switch and it adds dimming and color control on the switch itself even and then use color with me smartapp it will control on/off and dimming and color to multiple lights.

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Sweet, thanks. Ill be sure to search your posts for a “dimmer switch” thread, unless you have a link handy?

The GE switch I bought isnt a dimmer switch, does that matter?

mine was not either… I put one cooper dimmer since it has instant status update with no load…

the ge dimmers don’t have instant status updates so they are unsuitable to use for no load installs. go figure
I put a regular switch ge 12727 on the other side as I didn’t need dimmer control in both places…
It is a little flakey with two no load switches syncing… I tried writing a smart app to link the two and works sometimes
and sometimes the lights and two switches still get out of sync… I would like do do direct zwave association between the two switches but ge’s don’t support it so I may swap it for another cooper…


I’m ok with these lights not having instant updates. The switch is for the wife. I’ll have my phone to switch colors and dim.

I’ll check that link when I’m not mobile. Thank you!