GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch with no load

Does anyone know if its ok to use a GE Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch (12722) without attaching a load? I have a switch I am replacing that current connects to an outlet. I want to outlet always live so I plan on bypassing the switch. I am hoping to use that location to control something else with the switch. Or is there a better device to do this with? Ideally I wouldn’t mind multiple buttons there to control a bunch of devices. eg: turn on/off sonos, or other z-wave lights/outlets,

There are some z-wave devices that are designed specifically for this purpose… there’s no spot to put load.

That said, you can do this with any z-wave switch that uses a neutral. I have three of the GE switches installed without any load connected to 'em. Similar situations to what you have here. They work perfectly without load.

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Hi Chrisb
I’m looking for a device like the one you described but couldn’t find anything yet.
Can you please inform which one you are using?
(secondary remote switch with no load that will control a light through smartthings hub)

See this post by @JDRoberts

Change 3 way switch to 4 way with smart dimmers

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I have a light switch that controls a single outlet. In the box for the light switch there is only a line (hot), neutral, and ground wire. Like the original poster, there is no load wire. I tried using a GE 12727 switch connecting the hot wire to the line terminal, the neutral to the neutral terminal, and the ground to the ground terminal. But, it didn’t work correctly. When the switch is off, the light that is plugged into the switched outlet is on, shining very dimly. When the switch is turned on, the light brightens somewhat, but is still very dim.

I have used this same type of switch successfully in other locations in my house, but those all controlled actual light fixtures and had load wires (along with the other wires).

Anyone have any idea as to what might be wrong? Is there a different way to wire it? Is there another type of switch that I should buy?

My guess is that what you think is the neutral is actually the load wire which is why the light attached to the outlet is always on.

You need a neutral wire and a load wire, it sounds like you have a wire for load and line and no neutral wire.

If you unplug everything connected to the outlet does the LED on the zwave switch go out?

Your scenario is NOT the same as the original poster. The original poster is really saying that he did not want to use the load wire; NOT that he did not have the load wire. He did not want to control the outlet and therefore did not want to use the load wire.

You can do this no problem. I’ve used switches without a load to provide physical control for dimmers plugged into outlets. I then use a little direct association magic to link them up. (Z-Wave Tweaker is your friend.)