Controlling Fibaro rgbw led strip module

I am using a Fibaro rgbw to control led strips under and above my kitchen cabinets. When the house was built i had the electrician put in a light switch that controls a 110 outlet on top of cabinets. Now the issue. If we use the switch to turn on and off the leds then I can not use smart things to do stuff like automaticaly turn them on based on motion sensors. My intent is to bypass the physical switch and essentially leave that outlet “always on” but the last issue is how does someone manually control the lights if she just wants to turn them on for example. Ideally change colors as well possibly dim up and down

I may need some more information. But to start.

You have an outlet in place?
Replace it with a z-wave outlet. They usually come with one outlet normal and one smart outlet that you can remotely turn on/off for plugin devices.

Now if you have a light switch. Replace it with a smart switch again z-wave or zigbee and then you can remotely control the outlet through the switch or manually like a normal switch.

So the question is… The light switch controls the outlet correct? If the goal is to control the outlet, then a smart switch will work. If you have an outlet and no switch, then use a smart outlet.

I totally misread your post so I removed my initial reply.

Your options are limited if you want to control colors without using the app.

See here:

I totally spaced on the mention of Fibaro :blush:

It’s easy to have a ‘preset’ colour using an on/off/dimming switch, but I don’t know of a way to change the colours using a switch. (apart from swapping between two)
However, I’m in the UK so we don’t have the range of devices that are available elsewhere.

This just gave me an idea for a smartapp…
Toggle Fibaro Colours… setup a number of ‘preset’ colours then each time the switch is pressed toggle between them in a sequence, with the last toggle being off… hmmm…