Smart Stovetop

I’ve been working on remodeling our kitchen. Looks like I’m going to get the GE oven that has a wireless interface in hopes of eventually interfacing with ST.

For the stovetop I don’t see anyone with smart controls. So I was thinking of hooking it up to a controlled relay. However, the stovetop I want requires a 50 Amp circuit! For that capacity I’ll have to have a relay that controls a relay. Alternatively, I would have to mess with the internals of each burner. This seems just too impractical to address my obsession for control.

That got me thinking about what need could a smart stovetop address. The obvious safety checks such as when smoke alarm goes off or when you leave the house come to mind. Similarly, if the stove goes on when you are away you can get an alert or you could do remote lock/unlock control if your tween is home alone.

For cooking, I see it as a better alternative to the Smart Crock Pot. A smart thermometer with a smart stovetop should be able to create the simmer level for hours a crock pot achieves. As an advantage, you don’t need a bulky appliance you only use a couple of times which is difficult to clean. Any other cooking recipe that requires a simmer level over time could be possible. I wonder if it could avoid boil over when making pasta (the extent of my cooking skill).

Does ST pair with these devices or similar:

Supposedly they pair with HomeSeer. One disadvantage is it shuts down when not in use which means it may have to be paired every time.

@beckwith - check this out - it may work for switching your 50 amp load using a wall or appliance module:


Looks like the ELK should work for the unit as a whole, thanks.

I think I’ll investigate if it is safe to mod the stove burners with AEON micro switch. I know warrenty would be out the window, but I’m more concerned that a hack would be safe.

It would be nice to bring the water to boil, toss in the pasta and walk away without boil over. And I could also cure the “watched pot never boils” issue. The more I think about it there seems to be a niche here that the appliance manufacturers are missing.

I know this is older, but it still shows up at the top of the results for GE Oven, so I thought it was worth adding to this conversation for anyone looking to do anything similar.

I’m interested in automating the oven with SmartThings, but if all you’re needing to do is verify/automate turning off the oven, those actions supported through IFTTT. So that should enable you to turn off the oven automatically when the smartthings fob senses you leave the house, or if the smoke detector triggers, or by a voice command through Google Home/Amazon Alexa etc.

On the other hand, I’m really wanting the ability to ask the oven to Preheat to 350 for example, since the newer hidden burner ovens take a good 10-15 minutes to do that. For safety’s sake you can couple it with a timed shutdown after 2 or 4 hours if you like.