Can I control Samsung stove remotely?

Curious, can I connect remotely if I have a smart things stove and can see the stove’s status, in case someone forgets to turn it off? Thanks for reply!

I have a SmartThings gas range (NX58M6650). The only thing I can do remotely, is turn off the oven.
Everything else requires you to push a button “smart control” on the stove to let it know you are present, then you can set temps and modes in the app. I do not have any controls of the burners, since they are gas controls and need to physically be turned.

This is true of my Samsung dishwasher and microwave. Until you push the “smart” button, there is very little that you can do from the app.

If all you want to do, besides turning the oven off, then yes, you can see the status and function that is being used on the stove or other ST’s enabled appliances.


It’s the same with many “smart” appliances. My Thermador dishwasher (connected to ST via Home Connect) requires you to push the Remote Start button in order to start a cleaning cycle.

Many, but not all.

Since I’m quadriparetic, I follow the “hands-free controls” category pretty closely. And have a number of appliances that don’t require the extra manual button push.

As I’ve mentioned before, we have a Cosori countertop smart oven which originally required one physical button push to start a baking cycle, but about six months after we bought it they did a firmware update so now that’s no longer required. Which is great for me. :sunglasses:

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