Is there any smart home microwave?

My Microwave just went out and i was wondering if there was any smart microwaves out there that would connect to ST. Does anyone have there microwave integrated into their H.A.?

Yes, but I have only one rule working: microwave goes up, Zigbee goes down. :wink:


Several companies have attempted one, going back about 15 years, but so far they’ve all failed in the marketplace because of the problem that @geko alludes to: when the microwave is running, pretty much any wireless communication to it will run into so much interference that it’s likely the messages can’t get through.

(I myself am quadriparetic, and have been looking for a microwave that could be controlled from a tablet for five years with no luck. )

What the companies have found is that one of the most in demand features is to be able to pause the microwave while it’s running. People do this a lot for various reasons. Yes, you could try to cut power to the microwave all together with a smart switch, but if it’s close enough to the microwave it may fail as well while the microwave is running. And if it does work, you would have to turn it off and then turn it back on to get access to any other features like opening the door or resetting the time. (Plus resetting the clock each time.) So it just hasn’t had high consumer acceptance.

If you do find one, definitely let us know. :sunglasses:

Meanwhile, GE appliances has an IFTTT channel for a regular oven. But of course there’s no RF interference to worry about there. The channel is well designed with both triggers and events, giving you a lot of flexibility in designing home automation routines. For safety reasons, they don’t let an IFTTT recipe turn the oven on, but you can do that from the GE app.

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What do you want to monitor with a microwave? Power consumption? Door? Temp? Set timer?

I don’t know about the OP, but I want:

  1. the control panel on an iOS tablet following voiceover guidelines.

  2. ideally that would include the ability to open the door from the tablet as well, although we can do that with the poker chip method.

Obviously once you have the control panel on a tablet, you open up the possibility of being able to trigger things automatically.

I’m sure some people would also want notifications when the microwave finish cooking. I just personally don’t happen to need that.

Oh, and, I don’t want to void the warranty on the microwave. So although I’ve seen Nathan’s raspberry pi control panel, and it’s really slick, I don’t want to go that route.


poker chip method

Used to allow service dogs to press buttons that are recessed.

  1. Slice a piece of cork to the height that you want the button to stand above the surface.

Two. Glue a poker chip to the top of the cork. (This will be about the same size as an elevator button.)

Three. Glue the other end of the cork to the button that you want to push.

Now the button can be pushed by a dog’s nose or paw, or by a person’s elbow or heel of the hand.

The thing is you don’t want to have too many of these on the same surface, it can get confusing. So one on the door release can work fine. But not one on each control button.

Very clever idea. Don’t think I can figure it out without you laying out the steps.
The only H.A with my microwave is power monitoring with this Aeon plug

Microwave running longer than 4 minutes = or > 900w. Buy flowers on the way home and pretend it’s your fault.

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It’s a just a successfully funded Kickstarter, but this product would be nice to see reach the market…

Yeah, The Maid first started putting out press releases about 2 years ago, and were fully funded in December 2014.

They got a lot of early press, but have probably run into the interference issue because they just don’t seem to be making much progress towards market. Their last Kickstarter update was in July 2015, and the backers are getting restless…

Their current press is about a new product, a much simpler device for the Indian market, and it implies The Maid microwave was a success, but as yet they have not even delivered a beta version of it.

Hardware is hard. :wink:

If all the issues seem to be tied to going wireless, what about a wired microwave?
Obviously, not everyone wants another wired device, but it could make this a much easier implementation.

I say more that they were tied to radio transmission, not just wireless. If you’re going to use a wired connection it’s still gets really tricky because of the shielding required. Interference can still corrupt a signal even if it’s wired, that’s why a microwave can interfere with a television that’s running off of cable.

At one time, maybe over ten years ago, someone had marketed a microwave that had a barcode reader. You’d scan your Leancuisine, and it would know how long to cook it. If not you could program your cooking time for each item and it would remember.
There was also a fridge that had a barcode scanner. Or maybe it was a device that attached to the door of the fridge. It would help keep an inventory of your groceries. If you run low on margarine, just scan it and it will be added to your list. When you buy margarine, just scan it as you put it in the fridge and it will be removed from the list. Of course no one buys the same sku every time so there should be an app to edit the list, maybe group products. Also the list could be used when in the store shopping. Why do that if Amazon can deliver automatically? This I think is potentially useful.

I have been thinking about this and there could be a couple of things I would like in one that goes over the range.

1.) The ability to control the fan as another vent. For example, if my CO2/Smoke detector goes off, automatically kicking on the microwave vent as well as my bathroom vent would do well to help clear the air, especially if you only burned your dinner.

2.) Set the light to work with your various lighting scenes in the kitchen.

3.) Setting a start time remotely or even pause or remote stop. I know the ranges also automatically heat up at the levels required for various recipes, so that could be adapted to that.

4.) Reminders on when to clean your microwave vent filter–yeah, those need to be cleaned.

5.) Maybe integrate with Echo Dot or Goggle Home to play music, accept commands for updating grocery lists, look up recipes, etc.

Now, I get that microwaves are horrible on Zigbee but moving them to Z-Wave (Plus) is at 900MHz and out of the 2.4GHz frequency of the magnetron so there should be no interference with that signal. Or, you run an optional Ethernet cable. I would think the shielding on the outside should be enough to prevent wired Ethernet problems.