Samsung Gas Cooktop Device

I replaced my tired old Jenn-Air gas cooktop last week with a shiny new Samsung 5-burner unit (Model #NA30N7755TS)…mostly because I frequently make large pots of soups/stews. Bringing them to a boil took forever on the old cooktop, and the Samsung’s 5th (center) burner puts out a manly 22K BTUs. More power! (Insert Tim Allen caveman grunt here.) Anyway…it’s also ST compatible via a Wi-Fi connection, and reports to ST whenever a burner is turned on/off. I didn’t buy it for that feature, but I’m trying to take advantage of it anyway with a simple webCoRE piston that will alert me if we leave the house and any of the burners are still on. That’s never been a problem in over 25 years of living in this house, but it’s a free safety feature, so I might as well make use of it.

But naturally, there is no documentation provided by Samsung for the Cooktop device type, and I’m having a bit of a time getting a piston to trigger based on the state of the burner(s). Does anyone here have one of the Samsung ST-compatible cooktop/range appliances and any experience with using it in CoRE/webCoRE pistons?

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Have the appliance devices ever worked right in Webcore? Maybe just use the built in custom automation creator? :man_shrugging:

The cooktop is not a supported device type for the Smart Lighting app.

New app custom device creator (i’m assuming you had to use the new app to pair the cooktop?).

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Ah, my mistake. Yes, I used the new app to do the pairing. Unfortunately, the cooktop does not appear to be available via the new app’s custom automation creator either.

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well that’s just lovely :-1:

It is available to webCoRE though, and under multiple capabilities (Switch, Refreshable Device, Temperature Sensor and Thermostat [heating]).

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Does the IDE show device states such as on/off?

There’s an issue with device events from Samsung appliances making their way to the SmartThings side depending which server you’re on.

No, it does not. All that is listed under “Current States” is the version number (19061301). However, the device display in both the old and new app on my mobile device updates correctly when a burner is turned on/off…albeit after a 5 second delay. It does this both when I’m at home and when I’m in a remote location across town. So events are making their way to/through the cloud in some manner.


Sorry. I took a look earlier this week and must have gotten distracted before responding.

Do you have a screenshot of it “working” in the classic app? There aren’t any events in the IDE so I don’t see how that’s possible.

There’s a known issue with OCF device events routing to the server cluster your location is on so that may be the root cause.

Thanks, Brad. It would appear that I might have been mistaken about the device display updating in the classic app, as I can’t get it to do so now. I likely bounced back and forth between it and the new app and just thought I saw a change occur in the old one. It’s definitely working in the new app though…which might be why I fooled myself into thinking it was in the old one too.

You’re welcome. We have an internal bug report regarding this that I bumped with your details.


@Brad_ST is this the same issue I was running into on NA01 with my ST tracker where I deleted the device and re-added and it synced over correctly?

Yeah it’s similar but honestly how your Tracker is working in NA01 is a mystery to me.

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Now that I look at it, it created the device, but it’s not getting any events in history.

Any update to this? Have similar cooktop but kind of useless with ST tie in