Smart Siren using power bank for USB supply


I got a Neo Tuya Zigbee smart siren 90db NAS-AB02B2. It says power supply via micro USB 5v/1A and battery backup CR123A x2, Standby Current: 61uA-180uA.
I then took a power bank and connect it via micro USB for power but it did not power up continuously, only for a few seconds then it went offline. Only when I use usb connected to an electrical wall supply for power, the device works.
Has anyone had any experience with using this with a power bank or know the reason why it will not work with a battery power bank?
I am planning to use it outdoor hence it will be far from any electrical outlet.

This issue is usually caused by one of four reasons

  1. bad cable, or a cable which is slightly incompatible with the port on the power bank. That is, you can plug it in, but it’s not actually making full contact. Try a different device with the same cable and a different cable with the original device and see if that makes any difference.

  2. mismatch in the specs. That power bank may just not be designed to charge that type of device. This has been more common since 2020 when a lot of devices added firmware checks to make sure they couldn’t get overcharged by a power bank that didn’t handle trickle charging correctly.

  3. the power bank does not support quick charging

  4. the device is designed to go to sleep frequently. (common in battery powered devices to make the batteries last longer), and every time it goes to sleep, the power bank downcycles.

Any of these issues could cause the problem you are seeing. So you may need a different brand/model of power bank if just changing the cable doesn’t fix it.