External Siren? (UK)


I am looking for a UK device I can use as a siren that I can mount on an external wall. Ideally something that is battery or solar powered as I do not have a wired power source available outside.

I have seen that POPP have got a ZWave Solar Siren but I wanted to check if anyone anyone’s been successful in getting this to work with ST?

Alternatively, do you have any other suggestions or products that might be suitable?


man, that seems tailor-made for your purpose. Otherwise you would have to jerry-rig a battery, panel and low-power Zwave siren.

Please post followup when you try something.

The Fortrezz is quite popular with US customers and the company seems committed to making it work with SmartThings.

They do make both their indoor and outdoor sirens in UK Z wave frequencies. Only the US version is verified for use with smartthings, but as long as you Buy it from a place with a good return policy, it should be worth considering. Most vendors of zwave devices will carry it.


Looking for something similar, let us know if you buy it and how it goes


I just received one, I have managed to pair it successfully, and turning on and off.

Trying to get my head round tweaking the code to modify the various parameter, if I have any luck I will post it here.

I did mines the old fashion way. Bought a honeywell outdoor siren and hook it up to an zwave appliance module and instant on and off from the control of your hand

Can you provide details of what Honeywell siren and switch you used please?

I use this siren Honeywell Ademco 748 119db Dual-Tone Siren https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000X4LR64/ref=cm_sw_r_em_awd_Xirlwb33RR23Y

And attach it to the appropriate power adapter. For this one 1000ma at 12v and any appliance module that u can turn on and off. Sorry it’s not solar.


Hi there,

What exactly did you receive? The Popp siren? I am very interested in this one and want to find out if it works with Smartthings in the UK.

Anyone who has tried it?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi, Yes, a Popp Solar Siren, I have been having some issues with it, so it’s hard to recommend at the moment, I can pair it easily enough, but it does not seem to trigger when I expect it to, this could be due to me fiddling with custom code and not being a developer.

I am going to try a few more things and keep you posted,

Hey there stephen,

I would appreciate it if you could get back to me on this one.
I am looking for an outdoor siren that plays nice with ST hub 2.0 and i have not found anything.

(By outdoor, i mean really outdoor.)

The solar panel of the Popp one is a great idea, but the price is too steep for me.

Anyway, i have found no alternatives so far.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress

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I’m in the market for an outdoor siren too. Looking forward to your progress updates Stephen.

Hi all,

I managed to get this working by setting this up with a device type of “Aeon Siren”.

Testing works, and the alarm is triggered appropriately.

There are no temperature and battery readings from the device type, I was getting battery readings from another device type when testing, so I’ll play around with things over the next few weeks and see if I can cobble something together, however not being a developer, no promises.

If I can help let me know.


Hey Stephen!

Can you please clarify what exactly does work? The alarm gets triggered okay? Does the light flash as well or only the siren? Can you select which of the two is triggered?

Thanks a lot in advance.


I cannot at the moment, no, but this is because the Device Type doesn’t support it, not because it is not possible.

All I can do at the moment, it turn in on (siren and flashing lights) using the tiles in the app, and trigger it to go on for X minutes when the system is armed and a sensor is triggered.

Now, I have the basics working, I’ll see if I can cobble together a device type to do more things like temp and battery readings, and control the siren and lights separately, unless somebody else gets there first.

This is also for sale on Amazon at the moment, since I bought it.


Anyone tried the Fortrezz Outdoor Siren & Strobe Alarm yet? It is a lot cheaper than the popp one?

They are on sale here:


I can’t tell if this is a U.K version or an American export?

Found the answer to my own question! Think I will be getting one.

Hi this is my first post so apologies if this is not the right thread to ask this question. I was pointed in its direction by ST support. I have just bought the hub so far so good slowly getting my head round it and have added an aeon intenal siren to the system.

I am also looking for an external siren as my internal one fails to wake me up at night and an external siren box will, I have been told by the police,act as a visual deterrent.

After various searches looking at General ST compatible stuff I noticed that the Fibaro door sensor can be used as a switch. ST support has confirmed that ST will allow you to change it to act in that way.

So therefore if the above did work you could in theory wire a standard off the shelf alarm box siren to the Fibaro sensor and get ST to turn the switch on when a sensor is activated elsewhere.

Has anyone thought about this before and if so, worked out if this is feasible?

I am meeting a guy from an alarm company next week and if people think the theory is feasible then I will try and get it set up and let you know it it works.

If anyone knows of any other useful threads on this topic please let me know
Once again

Just got my Popp outdoor solar panel siren, as per STEPHEN’s comments it works with the Aon Siren default settings. This allows me to trigger the siren and strobe. No battery readings and the other options don’t seem to do anything (Siren type 1-5 and volume 1-3) though, so will need to investigate further.