Help Needed with Zigbee Thing Mc Driver

Hello, I buy Tuya ZigBee Woox siren (R7051) and cannot make it work with Aeotec Hub.
I try w35l3y drivers but it don’t work.
Do You know other drivers can be better.


Please install the Zigbee Thing Edge driver from this channel, change your device to this driver, and post a screenshot of the device card in this topic.

Hi, You mean ZigBee Thing MC driver or ZigBee siren MC driver?

ZigBee Thing Edge driver only shows me State: Connected.

But I cannot choose Thing driver because I have it from other source:

You can try the Zigbee Siren Mc driver and see if it works. However, if it doesn’t, to determine if it can be supported, use the Thing driver and post a screenshot as I mentioned.

OK, that ZigBee siren MC don’t work. I choose Thing MC but shows only that:

and nothing on main card.
`Device information


OK, now it shows that:

Could you share Historia then all used clustesr can be seen.

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo Is it possible to add this device to your Zigbee Siren Mc driver?


This device is not currently supported in the driver. It must be added to the driver. Mariano will check if it’s possible to add this device to his driver.

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I try it before but don’t work. Now it don’t let me choose it

(I have moved this discussion into its own thread, because it was too detailed for the β€œpost requestsβ€œ thread. Hopefully those issues are now resolved. )


Hi @PrzemekSkw

Added to this driver version, try if it works
You must install this driver version in your Hub
Uninstall device with App
Re-install device with App and this driver

You do not perform a driver change from zigbee thing Mc

 Name         Zigbee Siren Mc
 Version      2024-02-26T17:56:26.361238223
- id : TS0219/_TYZB01_ynsiasng
    deviceLabel : Woox R7051 Siren
    manufacturer : _TYZB01_ynsiasng
    model : TS0219
    deviceProfileName : switch-alarm-battery
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Hi, thank You.
How can I install with that driver?
When I adding that device SmartThings shows me only that drivers are available:

This is the link to Mariano’s Edge drivers Shared Channel


OK, I reinstall driver. Now got that screen:

Show info that device don’t upgrade info yet. Please try again later.

are you Uninstall device with App and Re-install device with App and this driver?


When I uninstall device in app and add it again it have different driver: w35l3y.
Then I change driver to Yours.

OK, now when I uninstall previous drivers - w35l3y and add device again it works :grin:
Thank You very much.

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Thanks @PrzemekSkw,
I’ll have a beer to your health!

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