Meld Smart Stove

Looks pretty awsome. In for a few


I just saw the knob turning and thought of all the horror movies where ghosts gas or blow up people… I have to remove my knobs because my cats turn them, then I’d have to worry about the cloud. lol.

Looks cool, just a little scary. I’d take it off every time I guess…

I didn’t see oven support, which seems more interesting. As far as a retrofit though it makes a ton of sense

What would be sweeter is an IR thermometer mounted in the hood. Wouldn’t be as good for internal temperature but would be a lot higher WAF.

Can’t put a battery operated temperature probe inside an oven, obviously.

There are some where you just let the oven door close on the wire to the probe, popular with commercial bakers, but they still scare me. :scream:

A lot of this stuff is fine with “attended use,” but people will all too often leave the room in residential setups. It’s amazing how many kitchen fires start because someone went to answer the door, or check on the kids, “just for a minute.”

I would definitely have mine turn off the stove if the house got marked away or smoke detected, etc.

Yeah, my concern is the stove getting turned on unintentionally by the automation system.

That would never happen! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Push notification on that one for sure! I’m going to pepper my kitchen with 30 IR thermometer now…

Edit: Apparently I can cut power to my stove and it won’t ignite. Also, the stove has a failsafe on failed ignites. So those seem like reasonable failsafes to implement.

The Meld is battery powered so I guess it can go haywire on its own or get hacked. In true ST form, once it comes out I’ll probably try to just strip it down as far as I can go and use it as a “dumb” device for a while first.

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