Samsung Range/Oven status

Has anyone tried to determine the status of the samsung smartthings enabled ovens? I’ve got a new FlexDuo range (range with a dual oven cavity), and would like to program the house circ fan to come on when the oven is in use (solution for “Can’t stand the heat”). The oven has a ‘Switch’ property, but it seems inconsistent on what it does in regardss to the oven. I set up a simple mirror in smartlighting, with the nearby light, and when using the oven as a single, the light seems to follow oven status, but when used dual, it seems to be all over the place. There is a bunch of data in the info, but it also doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

Okay - bit of an update (if anyone comes along to this thread). I have found that the “machineState” state reflects the status of the oven(s).
ready”: Oven off
running”: Oven on
pause”: haven’t actually seen this one

Now I just need to determine the best way to create an event that is triggered by this changing state to control the fan mode of the t-stat. Any tips on the best direction to go for this?

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Did you ever make any more progress on this? I think I’ve figured out how to parse the dual oven statuses from the device status, but for the life of me I can’t find anything that looks like the cooktop.

Have you found it in the API? If yes, maybe look at the execute capabilities status for the cooktop changes, but if the App shows it then it should be available straight from the status details.