GE Appliances announce IFTTT channel

GE Appliances Cooking:

GE Appliances Refrigerator:

GE Appliances GeoSpring:

GE Appliances Washer:

GE Appliances Dryer:

GE Appliances Dishwasher:

I’m able to tell Alexa to turn off the oven and Nest to turn off oven when smoke is detected.



I hadn’t noticed because for some reason they don’t show up at top in the “New and Noteworthy” section!

These have been out there for quite some time actually. I believe the bottom 3 are newer, but the top 3 have been available.

Though they were announced last year, I believe only geospring was released until now.

Well at least that is what GE sent me today.

I know I saw the cooking one in maybe December because I started looking into which stoves offered that support.

those are some expensive devices, lol

I like the idea of turning off appliances if the smoke alarm goes off. :sunglasses:

Hey, if anybody ever sees a microwave for sale in the US that can be controlled from an iPad, let me know–I need one! :sunglasses:

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