Smart Plug that allows to control the last state after power failure

Hello All,

Any smart plug available that should allow the state after power failure to be ON. I tried with TP-Link HS100 and Neo Cool cam plug. Both of them can remember last state. What I need is to have ON state after power failure whatever the last state was. Any help is appreciated.

See the FAQ:

FAQ: How Outlets behave after a Power Outage (Brand differences)

Even if it was off before the power-failure? What exactly are you controlling with this outlet?

I have a water heater with wall switch and I intent to plug the heater via a smart plug. So when the switch is flipped to ON the smart plug also should be ON and after 5 mins smarthings would send a OFF command to smart plug. And later somebody would turn OFF the wall switch as well. Now next time when I turn ON the wall switch, smartplug is in OFF state but should be in ON state. This is my scenario. Any idea to manage this with my existing plug (TPlink HS100) also welcome.

What’s the brand and model of the water heater? Most of them require a higher power draw than the TPLink, Or most other plug ins, can support.

It is a 2000W water heater. Tp link HS100 supports it.

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