Smart plug (2017) outdated?

I’m having issues connecting a smartthings plug to the app.

I recently moved house and am starting from scratch. I have a couple of the smartthings branded plugs (which i brought in 2017) they have no QR code on them and no lights other than the blue lights next to the power button on the side. Trying to get this connected to the new smartthings app is proving impossible.
Either i’m missing something very obvious or the they’re already outdated which is ridiculous. Is anyone able to help?


You could try resetting it. Hold the little button (one on either side) as you apply power until the blue light blinks, then try to add it again.

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also, there is a complete reset where you can hold the button for 20 seconds and the blue like will start rapid flashing.

to regular pair press and hold the button on the side while plugging in. then as soon as the blue light comes on release the button.

Thanks for the suggestion guys.
My main issue is which device do i choose to add?
The old smartthings app would just find a device in pairing mode but this one requires a brand and model, but the model isn’t even on the list. Is there a default outlet device that i could use?

Use the “Scan Nearby” button in the upper right corner of the add device page.

So will this one, you can use ‘Scan Nearby’.

:astonished: i didn’t even spot this! Thanks

I’m still unable to set this outlet to pairing mode any more suggestions?