Old outlet stopped responding, now it won't pair

I have an original outlet (I think from 2015 according to a search) which stopped responding. One suggestion was to unpair and re-pair. I deleted it successfully but now smartthings can’t find it to pair again and it doesn’t have a QR code to pair manually. Ideas?

If it’s Zwave, maybe try a general exclusion and then try to pair.

the old square Smartthings Outlet by Centralite. If it really is zigbee then I’m NOT sure how to clear it or even if that is necessary. But Zigbee in general, I hold the pairing/action button WHILE re-applying power or battery, in order to clear any previous association/pairing. USUALLY I expect to see a flashing light for status “ready-to-pair”. If it is not flashing then try a bunch of button-clicks until you see flashing. I re-paired a couple of these last month and that generally worked.

For me, just deleting devices from smartthings app, does not usually have the desired effect to making the device ready to pair again.

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