Smart Meter UK - Build an app / device handler for api?

Thanks for reply. They advised me there isn’t any such firmware :frowning:
Is it possible the unit is sending the export data to them but isn’t on the IHD?

I’ve got mine setup via home assistant now, but just shows import data entities.

Definitely works on mine. Export value displays on the IHD and reported as negative power value in API.

@Stu_A can you share how you got the API working to get data from the Trio? I emailed Geotogether to ask for documentation on the API but they responded that they dont have a customer facing API (I know they have an API but presumably they dont want customers using it!)

Hi! See my message above from August. Link reposted here:

Thanks mostly to Owainlloyd for the python implementation and lmullineux for the initial app API hacking… Reverse engineering at play here not any documented API.

@Purclewan @gavraq

apologies for the late reply. Here is the NodeRed solution

The header value in the injection entity is your N3ergy ID. The flow puts the info in the HomeAsisstant autogen database that is used for capturing the real-time data etc.

Since I put this together it works flawlessly.

@gavraq for N3rgy to work you need to use your MPxN not the MAC of your IHD. These numbers are available on your Elec/Gas bills.

Happy to expand.

PS, It seems that I cannot post a code here as a new user hence I put it in the git.

Thank you! @Aryankids

Many thanks, I shall have a play and see what I can do with it.