Smart Locks smart app not in list?

I decided to read up a little on the difference between the classic and new smartthings app and came across the “Smart Locks” management app. But I can’t find it in the smartapps list. Following the directions here:

  • Tap Marketplace
  • Tap SmartApps
  • Tap SmartThings Recommends
  • Scroll to find Smart Locks
    It’s not there.

I can find the Smart Lock Guest Access app in the new app. Any reason why this shouldn’t be available to me in the classic application?

It uses the new back end architecture. New architecture apps and devices aren’t available to be used in the old infrastructure (read: classic)

Same reason WebCoRE can’t see Sonos devices of you used the new default supported integration for Sonos.

Except that support page documents how to use Smart Locks with the classic app. Why is that not available for me? Shouldn’t that sitll use the old infrastructure? I haven’t migrated to the new app yet (I’m not entirely sure what migration - per the new announcement - means since I’ve had both the new and the classic side by side for a while now)

The ’ Smart Locks’ app is a Groovy smart app using old infrastructure and ‘Smart Locks Guest Management’ uses the new infrastructure.

Same with SmartThings Home Manager (SHM) (classic) and SmartThings Home Manager (STHM) (new)

Yes, I’m aware of the difference in the new and old infrastructure. What I’m trying to understand is, why is the Smart Locks app not available in the classic app to me? Isn’t this app publicly published by smartthings?

Per the support document, it’s supposed to be in the Marketplace->SmartApps->SmartThings Recommends category in the classic app, but it is not on my app.

I’m guessing they removed it now that the migration has started from Classic to the new app. Similar to how you can’t add routines once they are gone (or you never set them up).

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I can still add routines. I was under the impression that would only happen after migration.
Also, I’m totally behind the ball. I tried to install the Smart Locks thing a year or two ago after I first read about it, and had the same problem then but I was too lazy to ask. My smartthings set up is really used for nothing more than “oh crap, did i forget to lock the doors or close the garage door”.

So it’s not a new thing that the Smart Lock app seems to be unavailable for me, I’ve never been able to add it. Just getting around to asking now. At one point I just assumed it was a rollout model and I’d get it eventually.

@dopey, Don’t delete your routines or you’ll lose access to the interface. Once the last one is gone it drops out. There used to be a workaround to get it back if you were in that situation by rolling back to a classic app version less than version .17 but I don’t know if that still works.

At this point, i don’t think you have much choice other than installing the new app and adding Smart Lock Guest Access from there.

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If you can’t see it in the Classic app just use the new app.
Alternatively if you have access to rboy apps then use an app which works with both the new and the Classic app like LUM: [RELEASE] Lock User Management - Door lock code manager (create, delete and schedule codes) with automatic lock/unlock, custom user actions and SHM/ADT integration (LUM)

@dopey, BTW, In the get ready to make the switch thread they specifically call out this app as not available in classic as a direct side effect of the attempts to nudge people over. So there’s your ‘why’

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