Smart lock guest access fails on add

I’m having an issue adding the smart lock guest access in the new app. It fails on add. Anyone else have this issue?

Are you facing the same issues with the Classic version? The new app has a few issues like random add notifications. The Classic version appears to be a little more stable.

This message could be that the mobile server for the new app is facing connectivity issues.

I am getting the same error. Other automation seem to work correctly.

You may want to report it to ST support, it may be a server outage for the new app. Consider using the Classic app SmartLocks (you have both installed simultaneously) until the new app is more stable.
Otherwise, if you want to use the new app (and if you have access to RBoy Apps) you can try using the Lock User Management (LUM) SmartApp for basic and advanced programming (which is compatible with SmartLocks)

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Just to confirm, you’re saying that I can have the new app and Classic installed simultaneously without issues. I’m very new to this and just want to make sure. Thanks.

That’s correct. Just make sure that you have notifications enabled for only one app otherwise you’ll get duplicate notifications. The exception to this is Smart Home Monitor which isn’t coordinated through a common server. All other apps should work just fine.

Yes, you can have both apps installed and use both. But it should pointed out that there are some apps that are completely separate in both apps such as smart home monitor and presence sensors.

I’m having the same issue with the new app and classic app. The classic app just states “somethings wrong we can’t load your screen right now”. The new smartthings app shows “Code 1” and “Code 2” for the two codes that are already there but I get the “Something went wrong while creating the lock code” error. Yale Assure Lock.

See how the lock status appears as part of the SHM widget?

How can I replicate that “look” on the new app?

You can’t, it’s how it’s designed. I would say use the Classic app unless you need the new app for a specific purpose.

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