Smart Lock Guest Access stuck at Updating

This morning my Smart Lock Guest Access is stuck on updating when I open it. Happening on both mine and my wives Android phones, Note 8 and Note 10. Tried rebooting phones, rebooting V3 Hub, deleting the app and adding it again from the Life section, nothing seems to work. When you open the app from the home screen it just says updating and gets stuck there. 4 locks managed, 2 Kwikset 912 Zigbee and 2 Kwikset 914 Zwave locks. All locks work fine , lock and unlock from the device in SmartThings. Any ideas or suggestions?

Only suggestion I can offer is to contact ST support.

What device handlers are being used by the locks?

The Zwave locks are using “universal Zwave locks with alarms”, I believe this is from Rboy and changed to this driver about a year or so ago. The ZigBee locks are using are using the default “ZigBee Lock” which is what it automatically picked when first installed. I have contacted support through the app and I’m waiting for a reply. The locks have been installed and working for about 2 years with no issues.

You can try clearing the app cache for the ST app but I doubt that will resolve the issue… just another thing to try

just tried clearing the cache as this is what support had me try first. Now on the home screen the smart lock guest access widget just spins and after a while it says " There was a problem connecting. Try again later" and a refresh button that does the same thing after you hit it. Support wants me to uninstall the app and reinstall now. Oh joy! I haven’t done that since I originally installed the AP a long time ago.

Tried reinstalling smartthings on my phone but still wont work, tried a bunch of stuff and still nothing. I do receive messages from Smart lock guest access so I know its running, just cant get the Gui in that my favorites to work, I do remember a few days back that when I clicked on one of the messages it said I needed to update the app before I could use this feature. Has to be something they pushed out but of course support seems to know nothing about it. I do think I remember my locks being cloud in the IDE and now they say local but that may just be me getting old.