Smart Locks not updating status

i’m getting an error, “cannot update lock status”; even thou smartthings has the correct state under things.
I’m using the SmartThings device handler “zwave lock with codes”.

a few others have reported the same issue…

I’m getting this, too, “Cannot update lock status”, with the exact same screen, when I go to the Dashboard, and tap on the “Smart Locks” under “Home Solutions”. I can see the lock’s status on the Dashboard “Favorites”, or on the “My Home” screen. I can tell that this just started today for me, as I often use the app to lock and unlock the door instead of codes (or instead of getting off my butt).

Huh. Unlocking and re-locking it via one of the other two methods that worked synced up the “Smart Locks” status. I hope this will fix it for everyone else, but that assumes that the status is showing up and the lock is operable on the other screens.

Doesn’t work for me, never synces up…

Yeah, this happened to me again, and no tapping on other screens unfroze the lock’s status in the app.

However, I power cycled my Hub and it started working again, so I think it’s the Hub that’s the problem.

I had the Hub literally right underneath my router. Since I noticed today that it says specifically to avoid that, I moved it to another room; we’ll see if that keeps this issue from recurring.

Has anyone figured out how to fix this? Is it as simple as unplugging the hub and plugging it back in? Do I need to be there with my phone for anything or can I have someone else do it? Thanks in advance.

Are you using a custom device handler? Or are you using “Z-Wave Lock” as the Type for your Lock(s)?

In order for the Dashboard to update with the current locks status(es), when using the “Universal Enhanced…” Device Handler, by renaming it inisde the code to “Z-Wave Lock”, this allows Smart Locks to keep those statuses in sync and refreshes appropriately.