Any solutions for Smart lock guest Access?

Getting pretty fed up with Samsung (again!). Read several threads, don’t want to pay $40 for LUM… isn’t there a way to program/monitor codes remotely through the app? In ST I connected my Schlage Connect lock and I can lock/unlock but that’s it. There is NO way I can see to program anything, treid tapping the lock icons , tried tapping everywhare, nada.

I have a Samsung S10e phone running Android 10. Tried ST Classic, but I don’t have a “welcome code” so I can’t add the ST hub… i only have a QR code which only works with the new ST version. Are there ANY solutions to this? Pretty sad that Samsung advertised all these features but doesn’t deliver. Hmmm…Isn’t there a law against that? I am quite frustrated.

I use Lock Manager from @ethayer . Works well enough. I can assign unique codes for people and toggle them on/off manually or by a schedule. I don’t think it is heavily supported anymore, but it works great with my Schlage locks.

Is the smartapp not working? Or is it not available at all due to region restrictions?

Thanks for your reply. I found it in Github but I don’t see any downloadable install files. I see code but I’m not a coder. Am I missing something here?

The version for the new app isn’t available on github. Which country are you in?

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Thanks, I’m in the USA

If you go to the + menu and choose SmartApp, is Smart Lock Guest Access not available?

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Thanks… Yes it’s there. But it will only lock/unlock… tried tapping everywhere, every icon etc. In another post I saw that Samsung admits there’s a bug with Android 10, which I have, which prevents SLGA from managing/logging codes.

Ah, ok. It’s normally in the upper left drop down menu inside that app.

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Yeah, I get nothing when tapping or long pressing that “house” icon… or anywhere

This is what I get. BTW I had started by installing the Schlage app, shown at the bottom. I thought maybe i’d try uninstalling it, maybe it’s conflicting? But now it doesn’t show in my app list…?

In the very upper left corner of the screen, you will see LOCKS with a down arrow. Click on that to see the pull-down menu.

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OK, I feel like an idiot now. that works. thank you so much! guess I need new glasses.

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It happens to many. The design is different from other screens so hard to notice it.

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