Z wave door lock for existing dead bolt

(Brandon Marafino) #1

Hi I have been search for a smartthings compatible door lock that uses my existing dead bolt. There are plenty on the market but I have only found one that is compatible with smartthings the danalock. I would get it but the reviews on it have been terrible. Does any one have any suggestions for a smartthings compatible door lock that can be retrofitted to my existing dead bolt?

(James) #2

This is the only one like that I know of:

(James) #3

There is this device however so far from what I can see doesn’t work with Smartthings. People have been asking for it to though.


UPDATE: Looks like you can go through some hoops to get it working.
It will require some extra hardware on your part though.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #4

Mind if I ask why you don’t want to change the existing bolt?
A keypad based lock is so much more practical and really easy to install.

(Brandon Marafino) #5

Thanks jgravert I like the August lock with the extra computer because I already have a rasberry pi running my homebridge server…

I realize the keypad lock would be much better. But my existing lock (the picture attached) has a face plate that wouldn’t allow the key pad type locks. So even if I were to take everything out and replace it I would have an extra hole that was for the handle.
Thanks for your help