Smart lock for office glass doors?

I’m looking for a smart/connected version of the RITE Touch® 1050D. This is a battery-operated digital access control mechanical “deadbolt” that retrofits onto twin glass doors. This is for a “low/medium” security application in my case. I don’t want to deal with maglock because those technically attach to the building itself, which upgrades the amount of paperwork required from zero to “a lot.”

I wish I could simply control the 1050D as-is then throw an @RBoy app on top of it.

you may to explore something like a Nuki lock or Danalock that sits on top of this lock

Are there any specific pros/cons between those two locks (or features that help me figure out which is best, if they both fit)? I know very little about those, but I’ve got a bit of experience with retrofit solutions (mostly Lockitron), and I’m pretty disappointed overall. I went through a few different units, then a Chinese Zwave lock, before ending up with a Schlage branded deadbolt that’s flawless.

they do a similar job albeit through different means.

Danalock is a zwave lock retrofit. it has a few accessories like keypads etc but its limited by the zwave interface. Its ZWave interface is basic, you can lock and unlock and have some basic reporting which can be accessed through our enhanced zwave lock device handler.

Nuki uses Wifi and a bridge if you want ST control. it will also be coming out with a keypad etc to match danalock shortly. We will be releasing a custom ST integration for Nuki soon which allows you full range control of the wifi lock including latching and unlatching, latch n go and other features currently available in the lock.

so it really comes down to what features you need through ST.

I already have a ST hub and wifi available, so are you saying that the Nuki requires another bridge of some kind?

It sounds like the link layer (wifi/zwave/zigbee) impacts which lock features are available, right? If that’s true, is there some table somewhere that shows all the neat stuff your apps do and which things get limited by the link? I already use the paid app elsewhere and like it, for the record.

Finally, does anyone here have an opinion on the mechanical difference between Dana and Nuki? I found that Lockitron’s biggest failure was just plain crap engineering (cheap plastic gears, a frame that flexed enough to cause torque problems, etc). If both locks work in my case, I would err on the side of better design. I’m pretty sure the Dana will mount properly, but I’m currently leaning toward Nuki given the previous comment… oh… decisions!

Here you go, if you’ve got Nuki Smart Lock and Bridge, throw this on top of it and make it SmartThings enabled:

Follow up question: is there a significant difference in the feature set support between the Danalock Z-Wave and ZigBee versions?