Best door lock with SmartThings? (Finland)

We´ll be having a new door in couple of weeks and I´d like to install smart lock to that. I´m using edgebridge and the purpose would be to get the lock open as soon as my or my wife´s cellphone connects to our WI-FI.
What would be the simplest and most reliable option? I´ve been thinking Danalock V3 (probably z-wave?) but I´m open to other suggestions in EU (Finland) area.
Yale Linus also looks tempting, but to my knowledge Yale products usually needs a separate bridge if you want to use other opening methods than bluetooth and I´d like to keep things as simple as possible. Yale Doorman is absolutely out of option because I´d still like to have a physical key as backup.

I have the Danalock V3 Z-wave and it works really well. I would not advise you to get the Zigbee version however, that thing drove me insane by going offline and requiring me to repair it to my hub every 1-12 hours.

The only issue I’ve had with the Z-wave is that the motor gave up after about 6 months. The new one I recieved as a replacement has a considerably different sound during operation which I believe is them improving on it since it was a known issue that the motor would fail. It is over 6 months old as of now and is working like a charm.


Thanks for answer.
I was little bit worried about the motor when comparing sizes of Danalock and Yale Linus which seems to be much more rugged, but I´m glad to hear that they might have done some changes to improve motor life.
Danalock is also about half of the price of Yale (without bridge), so I guess I´m going to have a shot with Danalock z-wave.

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Danalock didn´t fit physically on my door, because it has double seals, so I ended up buy Yale Doorman L3. Only downside is that it was quite expensive with wi-fi bridge but I think it was worth it, especially in a long run because lock seems to be pretty rugged.
There´s no integration to ST but lock works great in ST with linked Alexa or Google Home account.