SmartLighting Migration Beta

Howdy, everyone!

The window to participate in the SmartLighting Migration Beta is now closed.

Thanks so much to all those that expressed interest and to those helping us make this migration as smooth as possible.

Be on the lookout for more information to come regarding the SmartThings Platform transition process.


the new smartlighting came up on my app yesterday and ive already moved all my smartlighting routines this something different?

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Count me in!


hello, I would like to participate in the beta version.

Same question as @montyfert

Is this different from the new Smart Lighting that became visible to many of us a day or two ago?

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i´m in!
thanks @Khoeye

This is for the Smart lighting that was released Monday.

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There will be an automatic migration process from old to new. They are just inviting users who haven’t already migrated to beta test it.


I’d like to participate!


Could you add me on please?


@Khoeye I don’t understand how joining this beta will differ from just using the smart app directly. It appears to be globally available.

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can i get added

It is a beta test of the automatic migration of Smart Lighting routines from old to new.


sounds good to me. sign me up.

yes yes i want it!!!
please join me~

I want to join too since my region seems unable to see the smartlighting in discover tab

Is it? Or still region locked?

can you add me in please

Count me in please

I am interested in participating as well. Thanks.