Smart Lighting (new plugin version)

It looks like the new plugin version of Smart Lighting has arrived.

the mirror option is now sync:


Did you have to force it to update the existing one? Did you check if the mirror option now mirrors colors?

Where did you find that, or did you already have Smart Lighting installed?

I would imagine they will migrate on their schedule. I was doing a new install today of Smart Lighting when I noticed the small screen about downloading the add-on. I should have captured that screen but I didn’t.


I deleted my Smartlighting App but now can’t add it back.


any error messages?

It’s not even showing as an option for me in the Life section of the app, or any other section.

Where did you see it?

Add Routine, tap the Discover tab and scroll down to install it.

It does not show up as a tile in Automations until you create your first Smart Lighting Rule which you have to do when installing it.


Ah, ok.

Got it.

I like the change they made for the Sunrise/Sunset, now have a spinner type dialog for setting the before/after period.

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I have the legacy Smart Lighting installed. On iOS, I was able to tap the ‘new’ Smart Lighting and it requested you download the new feature. Then when I tried Android, it just went right into the new Smart Lighting setup.

I only have a few Smart Lighting routines that I’ve moved back over since I had migrated all of them over to multiple Routine Automations since they first advised Smart Lighting was going away. I’ll probably just redo the few Smart Lighting routines I have now to see if this new Smart Lighting is as fast, or faster, or the same. Hopefully it’s not going to be any slower.

I moved one legacy Smart Lighting routine over to the new Smart Lighting, and it was just as fast as before. The only thing I don’t like in the new GUI is I had to go all the way back into the device status to see the ‘turn off after’ setting. That’s a bit odd…

Im not seeing the little house with the checkbox in it to indicate local execution.

I’m assuming these will be local execution.

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I unplugged my Hub from the network and confirmed local execution on the one new Smart Lighting routine I created.


I too have started migrating groovy smart lighting to this new plug in this morning.

Does each of my new smart lighting rules count towards my 200 automation limit? Or because this is a “plug-in” does each rule not count towards the 200 automation limit?

Nice. I set up the new Smart Lighting and replicated a simple routine.

Then I went to remove the same thing in the old Smart Lighting. There used to be a control on each routine allowing deactivation. That’s gone. There’s also no explicit way to delete a single routine from the old Smart Lighting.

Hope I haven’t messed up automatic migration by diving into this.

Good call, instead of saying Legacy Smart Lighting, it’s better to say Groovy Smart Lighting instead.

I will say that the new Smart Lighting GUI is MUCH faster than the Groovy GUI, except for the ‘turn off after’ setting.


I open the Groovey routine and tap the triple-dot menu to delete it.

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Wow! Somehow I missed that! Thanks!

On a Smartbulb, the color temperature setting was just a slider and I couldn’t set the number manually. Also, the color is WOW. It does both Swatches and Spectrum using Hex codes, and Spectrum had a Saturation slider.


I noticed that children devices are now available. Example the channels 1-5 of a Zooz zen20 can now be accessed. Before it was just the main on/off