Smart Lighting Stopped in New App and Won't Restart

I attempted to toggle off the Smart Lighting app in the new ST app while I worked on something. The toggle will not stay off however all Smart Lighting rules are no longer firing. I now can’t figure out how to enable them again (and of course the toggle says it’s on anyway). I have tried toggling a few times.

Any ideas how to resolve this one?

I wonder if opening each SL rule, clicking through each and click Done will restore them to running.

Another thought, login to IDE, go to location > SmartApps and click on the play button for each rule.


I just figured it out. I went in to the IDE, Locations, SmartApps and clicked on the pause/play button for Smart Lighting and it seems to have kicked it in to gear.

Appears to be a bug in there somewhere though.

EDIT: We posted the solution about the same time, thanks again.