Smart Lighting stoped working

I’ve got the role of keeping up with a friend’s Smartthings system. Long story short, I went over there today and noticing the outside lights were on in the daytime. When I went to the ST app, and under automations, and clicked on Smart Lighting, it said it needed to be installed. I installed it, and the automation for the outside lights was in there and set for the right times.

He said it had the lights had been turning on during the day for a while, but kept forgetting to tell me. I checked the history, and it shows the lights coming on at 5:17 every day. So I’m thinking that at some point, Smart Lighting dropped out, and ST just kept turning them on and off at the same time everyday, as the last time it worked. No idea how long this has been.

Does anyone know why the Smart Lighting would show up on the automations, but not be installed and working?

Just a guess, but the SmartLighting app was replaced some time ago. It’s still called SmartLighting, but has a different icon, two arrows around a bulb with a yellow background. I would ensure the proper version of the app has been installed and then remove and re-create the automations.

The app I have has three dashes (so to speak) above the top left side of the bulb, but I can’t find any other version.

Note: Most of what you could do with the Smart Lighting app can be done with Routines. There is a replacement version of the app but it isn’t available in all locations.

And even though I could use the new version, I just wanted to have all my routines in one place rather than split into a couple places. I’ve migrated all of my SL automations to standard Routines.

For example, I have a routine for turning my outdoor lights just after sunset, another that turns most of them off at midnight and a final routine that turns the rest off just before sunrise. If you have a motion sensor, you can also do things like have lights turn on when it’s dark and motion is detected, then turn off after a set time.

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