Smart Lighting App Turned Off Automatically

There is something going on with Smart Lighting. The on/off switch is constantly off (see attached photo) and when I try to turn it on I get a network error (see second attached photo). I’m not stressing too much because all my Smart Lighting rules appear to be working.

Any thoughts?

check to see if any of your Routines begin with SL. check out this thread of what others are experiencing:

I think mine have SL at the beginning because that’s how I named them in Smart lighting. I don’t think the app added SL when it converted my Smart lighting rules to manually run routines.

I read this post and had looked through my rules. Nothing beginning with SL nor any overlapping rules. Not all the rules within Smart Lighting are local. I may delete those to see what happens.

Yes, I think the not stressing too much is probably the right idea if things are still working. Odd things seem to be happening at the UI level in the app, but how odd seems to vary by user, and so does the inconvenience caused. It all seems to be revolving around Smart Lighting though.

For me, everything basically looks correct in the UI and seems to be working normally. Viewed from the API level things seem a little stranger though. In particular the ID for Smart Lighting in the user sort order settings has changed from a UUID to id_smart_lighting. I see the IDs of the Smart Lighting automations (they are Rules, just like Routines are) appearing in the ‘automations’ section but only for the user that first used Smart Lighting in the Location, which may be correct, but if I create new SL automations they are with different IDs to the corresponding Rules. This again could be correct as this is just undocumented stuff that I try to make sense of and I have never quite succeeded. As I say though, for me the mobile app IS able to make sense of things.

For others, clearly things are far more confused.

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