Smart Lighting Slow on Some Things


I have two GE Smart outlets each with a side lamp plugged in. The outlets themselves work great. They paired instantly and they are very responsive to commands from the ST mobile app, etc. I have Smart Lighting turning them on according to sunset and off at a fixed time. All that works great.

Today I am playing around with a switch I installed with no load. Using Smart Lighting I am trying to get them to turn on and off with the no load switch. It’s working but the delay is crazy - anything from ten seconds to over a minute. Any idea what the heck is happening?

I do realize with this switch set-up things will get out of whack and the wall switch will not reflect the outlet state when they are turned on via rules. Right now I am just trying to understand why I am getting such a delay. I have lots of rules in Smart Lighting and they all respond virtually instantly apart from this one.


I narrowed this down to the delay only happening with manual operation of the load-less switch. It was not updating the state in ST very promptly so I suspect it may be a weak Z-Wave routing or something. It’s seems to vary on how long it takes. I’ll try a Z-Wave repair later.