Smart Lighting Delay (April 2019)

After the last firmware update my smart lighting smartapp seems to be taking 1 to 2 minutes after motion has been detected to turn on the lights. I’ve bounced the router and the hub twice but can’t seem to shake it. Any suggestions? Hub v2. Mostly GE dimmer switches. Multiple types of motion detectors.

Hmm seems odd. While in the app, Classic hopefully, see if it’s taking a long time to update the tile. If not, then the problem is in SmartLighting. Might need to reinstall SmartLighting…

Here is a check list I would go through if I were you:

Is motion event reported fast in ide?

  • If not is your mesh or cloud
  • If not cloud, then fix your mesh depending on what protocol your sensor uses

Is the command sent fast to the switch in ide?

  • If not, is your Smart Lighting going through the cloud or local

Is the switch turning on fast after the command was recieved by the device in ide?

  • If not, is a mesh or cloud issue?
  • If not cloud, then run a Z-Wave repair and watch for failures.

Bob, Thanks for the todo list.
#1. Motion happens immediately from all detectors.
#3. Yes. Lights turn on at the same time IDE says signal came in (about 1-2 minutes after detector motion is active)

#2. I’m a bit out of my element here. Not sure how to tell if smart lighting is going through the cloud or being run locally. Motion is going through cloud, lights are local… on a gig fiber connection so hoping not much cloud latency but also not sure best way to test this. Using the standard ST app. In the IDE, under smart apps, I don’t even see the standard “Smart Lighting” app, only my custom stuff.

Ran the zwave network repair anyway… just to see if it makes any difference.

New Update:
Not only smart apps
The phone app is also delayed by 1-2 minutes on most devices.

  1. Mechanical operation of switches works.
  2. Once a light comes on, I can keep turning it on/off using the app with no problems until… I let it sit for a few minutes. After that, all devices lock up for 1-3 minutes.
  3. zigbee switches are not affected. Only Zwave
  4. I’ve run the zwave repair utility with no luck
  5. SmartApps and Alexa commands also delayed

Again, this all started after the last firmware update.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Did you get any errors when running the repair (ide -> Hub -> Events)?

Yes for 7 or 8 out of @100 devices…
a few “Could not assign new route” messages
a few “Could not update neighbors” messages

From my understanding, this is a known issue from the last firmware update. They are working on a fix.

Well, that’s your problem right there. And as @rontalley mentioned this might be an issue with the recent changes they made to the Z-Wave.

Thanks for the info @rontalley & @HA_fanatic. Looks like I’ll circle the airport for a while and hope for the best. Guess this stems from a somewhat less than robust early adopter/beta tester program.

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Same slow switch on performance issue for me since last update. Usually 15 to 30 secs delay, but intermittently. Z-wave repair, no issues, but devices still slow.

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Any idea on how I find out where they are in the process of the fix? I’ve reached out to support twice with no response in over a week. Probably an unfair question but are you aware if this is an issue with the v3 hub?

This is all I know:

That is awful. Where do you experience this delay? In smart app processing or in mobile app? And do you use custom DTH or local handler?

I’m having slow-to-no response issues on my z-wave devices (tp-link wifi works great). I called Samsung support who said it was a cloud issue and people are working on it. The site reports a “degraded performance” on devices.

Frequency of delays subsided a few days after my last post for the most part but still occasionally pop up. Oddly I’m noticing occasional 5 +/- second delays with local devices (zigbee motion sensor with z-wave switch in my den) so not sure how the ST platforms tweaks are helping with that problem unless simply improving v2 hub health somehow.

Right after the last hub fw update I had six zigbee devices report 1% battery over two days. No battery odness since. But I have had a flurry of older gen 1 z-wave devices stop reporting status until doing a power cycle (seems to happen a few times per year right after fw updates and/or platform updates. I only have a few of the old Z-wave non-plus devices left).

These issues are nothing new for me really. Happens after some hub or platform updates, what, maybe 3 or 4 times per year since summer 2014 I guess?

I have noticed some devices reporting dup status. Like door open, door open, door closed, door closed. Maybe that spam has something to do with it.

After 14 days, support finally got back to me… asking to run zwave repair utility but offering nothing whatsoever of value. Still taking from 0-180 seconds to turn on/off devices. Sometimes they go right on, other times it takes two minutes. Probably easier to just buy a v3 hub and start converting. By the time these guys actually solve the problem, I’ll probably be divorced.

Someone screwed the pooch during the last firmware update. That’s when I started noticing a BUNCH of oddities. I first scratched my head then did my usual 2.5 hours of trying to make something fairly simple work like I knew it has for the last couple of years.

Then I noticed that things were taking extra long to update their status in the Classic App. This of course affected my Pistons that rely on quick updates to change variables for various scenarios.

I sat back in the chair, put my head in my hands and said, “Damn you SmartThings! Damn You!!!”

Now, we wait…