Response time getting longer and longer

Over the last few week my devices have been getting slower and slower. It now takes up to 15 seconds from motion being sensed to lights coming on… Used to be pretty instant up to random 5 second delays. Even have issues with contact sensor opening and lights or locks executing. The majority of my triggers are supposed to be local with a few running through WebCoRe which I expect a slight delay. I have noticed that one if my ST door contact open/close routines running through Iffft to Hue hub and bulb is still running with less than 2sec delay.

I have already done the Z-Wave repair a few times with no change.

Thanks for any advice

Report it to ST support. You can also try to reboot your hub and your internet router, then helps reduce the latency.

Which region are you located in? There were some issues with the EU platform adding additional latency and causing some timeouts last week. It appears to have been addressed.

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I’m in the USA. I have done the resets. I will get with Support then.

This is why I’ve avoided Webcore and any other cloud-dependent integration.

My Samsung motion sensor driven by Smart Lighting SmartApp usually turns lights on nearly instantly, never more than 2 seconds delay.

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My WebCore is more responsive. The ones I have biggest delays with are in the smart lighting app.

Are the devices all local? If you go into the IDE and click on one of the devices, you’ll then see the rules associated with it. If you click one, is the rule executing local or cloud?

For some reason everything is cloud now? Is there a way to force to local?

What DTHs are you using? Only certain provided handlers can run local.

And if your Smart Lighting is cloud, make sure you only use local devices. If you mix and match local and cloud devices, it will send that instance to the cloud.

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