Recent Delayed Local Rule Processing

Over the last several days I have noticed that local routines seem to be running with a good 7-9 second delay. For example, turn on light when a door sensor is open.

Oddly I can see that same door sensor open also instantly in the app, and I can turn turn the same light on and off using the app very quickly…

But for some reason when I combine that trigger and action together I am seeing long delays each time. Any thoughts from the community? Of note, these automations were very quick when then ran on the cloud - which is odd because I thought the purpose of moving to local was for speed (and obviously to save Samsung tons of cost on cloud processing… :slight_smile:

@sdbg Just checking in to see if you’re still having the same issue? If not, did you do anything to resolve it?

We have a house on the v2 SmartThings Hub and it seems like we’re often experiencing 10-20 second delays on various routines, or even controlling devices directly on their own Device Cards.

In contrast, we have a house on the v3 SmartThings Hub and everything (Device Cards & Automations) are almost instant!

Both homes are using all Edge Drivers, current SmartThings App, same FiberOptic 100mbps Up/Download speeds.

Actually yes, I have been seeing the same for the past several days. Not all routines. And those that do have a delay generally return to faster response eventually.

The issue is mostly resolved for me. I ended up adding delays to a number of routines that were controlling zigbee devices. As far as I can tell, there were simply too many routines all firing at the same time and it was causing a “bottleneck” in triggering the one I wanted. By delaying some less important routines I was able to prioritize the event I need most. I think part of the challenge is that without webcore or complex rule building, each routine has multiple iterations to achieve the same effect, likely bogging down the hub… . I’m speculating, but adjusting routines seems to have helped.

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