Smart Lighting not availible

Recently bought a Hub and have set up all the devices. Instead of investing time with Webcore with the upcoming Rules Api i thought i would just use the Smart Lighting app until then. Problem is that all i have to choose from when trying to add a Smart app is the Smartthings Home Monitor, am i missing something obvious or is the Lighting app not under the Smart Apps by default?

Edit, I´m in the EU (Sweden) if that makes any difference.


Update, looked in the Classic app and it seems to work. Maybe it simply isent available in the new app yet…

I’m in the UK, and Smart Lighting is one of eight SmartApps listed for me, one or two of which I’d never noticed before. I believe there is some curation going on, rather than listing all apps that were in the Classic market place. I guess this could be country specific, though it seems odd not to list Smart Lighting as that seems pretty fundamental to SmartThings.

Does seem odd me me too that i don´t have Any apps in the new app except the Monitor, i sent a ticket to the support so hopefully it will get resolved at some point as i prefer using the new app to be honest.

I’ve just been migrating everything over to the new app, and you don’t need the Smart Lighting smart app at all if you use the new app as it’s all be replaced by the Automations section. Just go to the menu, select Automations and create a new automation there. And yes, you can set it to turn off the light after a certain period of time.

Really, did not know that; Will have a closer look at this when i get back home. Does it handle multiple AND/OR statements as well?

It does yeah, still need WebCore to do the more powerful stuff though.

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